Goblin Mindset: Keep it simple

There is something beautiful about doing something effectively in a simple way. Keeping things simple will allow you to focus on the one thing that actually matters: Execution. 

Don’t get hung up on advanced strategies

Every month someone will post to r/woweconomy about a failed attempt at resetting a market. Unless you are already rich there is no reason to try a technique like that. Farming, crafting or flipping will all work with extremely simple rules. 


I’m just going to refer back to my post on Sunday and Qyune’s point. Farm a bunch of stuff that might be useful, post it all. Then farm more of whatever sells fastest. Repeat until you get the gold you need, get bored or you have more than you can sell in a week. 


Crafting honestly works off of the same principle as Qyune used for farming. Craft a bunchof items that are useful for other players. Post them for at least 20% more than you paid for the materials. Craft and post more of what sells. 


This is a little more involved based on the specific item, but the basic idea is to find something that is at least 20% underpriced, buy it and repost it for 20% more. Different markets will have different dynammics, but just focus on looking for cheap items once you’ve found a market. Tinkering with your pricing strings matters less than just running an extra shopping scan. 

Pareto principle

I’ve referenced this before and I will do it again. There are tons of examples and my experience has always been that a small number of actions or choices will have by far most of the impact. Running shopping and post scans regularly with very basic settings will work better than doing half as many scans with “better” settings. 

Goldmaking is a numbers game, so get the numbers on your side. 

More items on the AH = more items people can actually buy = more items get bought = more gold. 

Everything else is just technique to help move the needle and improve somewhere along that line. 

Now go out there and buy some cheap Gilded Seaweave!

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