Goblin Mindset: Keep the right mental attitude

Are you approaching gold making with the right mental attitude? Your mental state will have a large impact on your success in any area of life. Gold making is no different. If you already think you’re going to lose before you start out you will undoubtedly be right.


“Whether you think you can, or you think can’t — you’re right!”

This quote is attributed to Henry Ford and sums the idea up quite succinctly. I have stated several times that gold making is a simple endeavour. At the end of the day you just need to buy your stuff for less gold than you sell it for.

The only hard part is to consistently apply the techniques and tactics that work.

How do you keep a positive attitude?

In my experience the easiest way to stay positive about an activity is to succeed and improve it at it. Luckily gold making will generally give you almost instantaneous feedback on whether or not you are doing the right things. If your auctions are selling and your gold is going up you are headed in the right direction.

This highlights the important of finding some small wins to generate momentum. Start out with stuff you have in your bags, the professions you have. Then once you get some sales you can start building more elaborate market funnels and new professions.


Being too risk averse will cost you some sales in World of Warcraft. The most profitable markets in the game are typically always high end flipping markets. These require you to risk parts of your capital.

The number one belief that will help you here is if you do NOT care about how much gold you have. Outside of whether or not the deal looks profitable you should work on avoiding the feeling of potential loss. While losing gold can be annoying it is absolutely not a life or death situation. It is just pixels on your screen, and it is very easy to make it back.

The obvious caveat is of course that we care about gold, or goal is to maximize our gold after all, but that just means you need to be smart with what you risk, not that you need to avoid risk.

Tie it all together

To sum it up you need to believe that gold making is something you can and will succeed at. That losing gold is no big deal, and that the effort you put in every day will be rewarded.

Gold making is not an area with linear gains. You will trudge up and down a lot while building stock and then hit breakpoints and giant days where you gap up to a new level. So make sure you make the most of it, by getting active, and getting happy!

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