Goblin Mindset: Setting goals for 2019

Today is New Year’s Eve and now is the perfect time to set some goals for 2019. As I covered in the podcast this week now is the time of year to take stock of 2018 and set some new goals for the coming year.

Why are we setting goals?

Obviously setting goals will help motivate you to work towards a certain target. This is however not the only or even the main point. Using goals for motivation will quickly run into the fact that you will continuously be in a state of not having achieved your goal until you finally do.

The other point is the main reason why I believe in goal setting. Setting goals will force you to think about how you can practically achieve them. This will help transform your decision making and make sure that you are focusing on activities that are actually useful for achieving the goal.

This second point also means that you have a good reason to set audacious goal. Not reaching your goals is less of an issue than not reaching high enough, at least when it comes to gold making.

What kind of goals should you set

Obviously you can set goals related to a certain amount of liquid gold, a certain amount of sales per week or month.

While I can’t tell you exactly what goal to set I would suggest at least doubling your first idea for a goal. Goldmaking can take of quickly when you get the hang off it, and there isn’t really any large downsides towards setting your goals too high, worst case scenario you still get rich.

My goals for 2019

So let’s look at some goals I have for 2019.

Finishing the gold cap challenge

Obviously, this is very close in time, so the goal is to finish it within the first week of January. I think this should be well within my means.

Reach 1 billion gold

My first idea was to set a goal of 100 million, but I decided I want to 10x that. I am currently on about 17 million, so this is very far off. Reaching this would require me to change my setup substantially. I can go for this after I finish the gold cap challenge as I can focus way more on multi realm flipping. To go for 1 billion I am planning to leave all crafted markets behind and just focus on battle pets, BoEs and mount flipping.

Finishing and documenting a 30-days to a token challenge

I’ll probably do several smaller challenges revolving around quickly getting a token. I want to do it with just flipping, with just farming and some other methods to test out which work best.

Set your own

As you can see I decided to set my foals ridiculously high in terms of liquid gold. Hopefully I can make it, even if it requires me to change up a lot of things.

Good luck in 2019!

2 thoughts on “Goblin Mindset: Setting goals for 2019

  1. Onwards, to a billion!! 👑🏦💰💸

    Seriously though, I’d be very interested in reading about your plans for this “Race to One Billion” or whatever you might end up calling it! It looks to me like you plan on (mostly) using very profitable low time methods for it since you mentioned multiple realms, but I could also just be miles off!

    1. That’s the plan yes. At this point I haven’t really committed or started the race yet though. But I will just be doing flipping.

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