Gold Cap Challenge: Update 43

We are now in the second week of raids being open, with Mythic opening this week alongside normal and heroic.

You can find the original post here and my earlier updates here.

The Rules

  • Same realm as Zero to One Million
  • No transfered battlepets
  • No transfered gold
  • Get to gold cap


  • A1: /played since last update: 10 hours
  • A1: /played total: 14 days 13 hours
  • A2: /played since last update: 15 hours
  • A2: /played total: 7 days 3 hours
  • Total gold account 1 (missions and quests): 504 644 gold
  • Total gold account 2 (AH character):  5 345 960 gold
  • Total AH value: 5 0469 820 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 27 379 086 gold
  • Total gold spent: 22 033 126 gold

What did I do?

I’ve once again spent the majority of my time working on reputations on my warrior. I did dive into a couple of new crafting markets this week.

The highlight is enchanting, but I also started my darkmoon card production back up as the deck prices are very good on my realm.

I’ve been selling some food, but I haven’t crafted too much of it.

Potion sales have finally picked up, at least for agility and intellect.

I’ve also been doing a lot of material flipping that has been very successful.

My AH value has increased significantly and I managed total sales of about 1.6 million, which is great!

I spent a bit of time leveling my mage, but mostly I was doing WQs on my warrior when I wasn’t playing the AH.

TSM4 Gold Graph

TSM sales

TSM Sales

We can see that my top value sales were dominated by enchants. Darkmoon decks also makes a combat on the last day, and I sold an assortment of old world transmog and a scarlet diamond staff as well.

I did not sell too much Honorable combatant gear, but I haven’t restocked much either. I sold an absolute crazy amount of weapon enchants in total, and gems are also selling well.

I’ve also gone heavily into material flipping this week, with great results as you will see from the resale summary below.

I’ve been buying some of these materials to use in addition to the flipping, but overall we can see that I have sold a pretty nice amount of the materials I have purchased. Sadly we can’t see the percentage gain and the total profit, but it looks like my average profit is in the 30-100% range, which is pretty great. This has definitely been a huge boost in my sales this week, and I’m really happy about how the market is looking so far.

TSM resales


TSM inventory

My Battle Potion stockpile has been reduced by a decent amount. I’ve sold almost half of my agility potions, and about one third of my Intellect potions. I had to cut prices on the strength ones as the demand just isn’t there. I’ve bought one new BoE, but I don’t really expect to go heavy into that market yet. We can see that I am quite low on enchants, as none of them show up at the top here. I will definitely have to restock ring enchants in particular.

I expect I will get the first rank 3 recipes next week, so that will be a major boon in the enchanting market.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Cap Challenge: Update 43

  1. Well see I was right. I just spent this week and sold tons of pots and food and enchants. Over 400 successful auctions. I made 6k profit. No matter what I do, I’m not making any decent profit. I’m screwed.

    1. That sounds crazy Pandragun. It’s going to be hard to diagnose the exact cause remotely. I expect you are spending too much gold when buying materials. Try decreasing your max prices by about 10% when buying and see if that helps.

      What’s your minimum price setting for your auctions?

      1. I only buy materials that are less than 90% value and I manually post my auctions. I don’t trust TSM to do it since the day it bugged and posted a Vial of the Sands at 10k gold.

        Looking at prices of what you’ve sold here compared to my realm, it’s repeating what happened in Legion. Pots are only profitable if you have rank 3, but thanks to everyone having rank 3 they are now only profitable if you get super lucky with procs. All pact enchants are selling for less than material cost. So are all weapon enchants. Only this time I can’t obliterate enchants to make money. The only thing making any sort of profit is food, and that’s just by 1 or 2 gold. If food doesn’t sell the day I post it, I then lose money on it from undercuts.

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