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Addons have been a part of WoW since classic, and they have always enabled you to play the game better. Goldmaking is of course no exception where Tradeskillmaster is the most well known and powerful addon. Tradeskillmaster recently announced that they will adapt the addon for classic so we will have great tools. There will be differences from retail of course, so let’s take a look at what we want out of an AH addon and what is out there. 

What do you need from an AH addon

There are several things you need from an AH addon. The most important thing is of course accurate pricing data. Knowing what an item is actually worth is the most important functionality you can get as a gold maker. This is invaluable when making purchasing decisions both for crafting and for flipping. 

Secondly you want something that enables you to more efficiently post and purchase items from the AH. Being able to quickly and effortlessly purchase and post the items you want to trade will be a major competitive advantage. The base AH UI is pretty bad, especially for posting larger amounts of items. 

Pricing data

For retail WoW TSM gets it’s pricing data from the blizzard API. Most likely there won’t be an AH API for classic realms, so we will have to get our pricing data the old fashioned way, which means scanning the AH with Auctioneer or Auctionator when you are online. 

Tradeskillmaster supports data from both addons, so you will have to get at least one of those. 

Posting and purchasing

Obviously I will suggest TSM as the main one here. If you are unfamiliar with it or goldmaking I suggest checking out my TSM4 guide to get a good overview of how it works. 

If you want an easier to use approach then I suggest picking up either Auctionator or Auctioneer, both of which have very intuitive functionality. You will need one of them for pricing data anyway, so there’s really no reason not to. 

Other addons

There are some other types of addons you may want to consider for goldmaking, including an inventory addon to get all your bags in one window, SellJunk or something similar to quickly sell all your junk items and any other addon that will speed you up. 


Get TSM if you are planning to be active in the goldmaking part of the game. It is the most well known goldmaking addon for a reason. You need an addon for scanning the AH to get prices as well and TSM will work with either Auctionator or Auctioneer, so you can pick whichever you prefer. I’ll probably roll with both and then pare it down as I go.

Good luck and happy launch!

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11 thoughts on “Goldmaking addons in classic

    1. Havent found out yet. I was testing some stuff out, but only on the newest eu realm. So there were very few items on the AH there.

    1. The auction houses are completely separate and the only way to get data is to scan your factions ah, so you automatically get your factions data

  1. TSM fixed the import, just use the latest update and use /tsm scan and it works, no need to import data from other addon

  2. In almost every guide, you say, check out my guide on TSM. Only problem is, you have 10 different ones, and none of them are called just guide, its always a guide on something specific.

    Also, have you heard of putting links when you mention something?..

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