How does Season 4 look for goldmaking? (We don’t know yet)

Blizzard recently announced the dates for season 4, and with it the final season of the Shadowlands. So let’s look at what we currently know.

Upgraded ilvl

We know that the new season will include an item level increase. We get the same increase you get in a regular patch, with normal fated raids dropping the same item level as mythic Sepulcher did.

But what about legendaries?

As far as I know there is no news on how legendaries will work in Season 4. I just checked on the PTR and I did not see any recipes for a new vestige, or a way to upgrade your item level 291 legendaries at the runecarver. I would expect that we get a way to upgrade them, as the new maximum item level will be 311, so having item level 291 legendaries in two slots will feel bad for players.

I would not be surprised to see them implement this with a vendor purchasable vestige similar to how the item to go from rank 1 to rank 5 worked though.

Influx of players?

I expect a decent chunk of players to come back for the m+ season. Testing out new old dungeons will be a nice trip down nostalgia lane for many players, or even a chance to try completely new dungeons for others. It will not be on the level of a full patch of course, but I do expect it to bring some players back.

Catch up gear?

We don’t know anything about a new crafter’s mark either. Based on item levels from other sources we would expect to get a new crafter’s mark set to make them keep up with the rest of the items, but as of right now there is no information.

Hopium only

I’m really hoping they add new crafter’s marks or change up initial gearing and the profession role a bit. I expect some players will take the opportunity to re-roll, particularly with the nerf to destruction warlocks coming through.

If we don’t I think we will have a very tame final part of the expansion as far as goldmaking with professions goes, at which point I would suggest focusing on cosmetic items primarily until Dragonflight rolls around.

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