How to make chat Macros that include item links

Making chat macros to buy or sell items is extremely important in large scale goldmaking. This post will teach you how to make chat macros that include item links. Barking about what you are buying has suprisingly good results even if you know they can sell the item for substantially more on the Auction House.

A lot of people just want their stuff to sell fast so they can get money for whatever thing they want to buy.

Take advantage of this

To make your message pop it is important to use item links. This will make it stand out from guild recruitment spam and other messages.

Making a trade chat macro with item links is surprisingly to me not that easy. You need to set up a script that runs the command SendChatMessage. Here’s the command:

/run SendChatMessage(format("WTS %s PST XXg",select(2,GetItemInfo(YYY))),CHANNEL,nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"))

To personalise it you write whatever text you want between the “” where it says “WTS %s PST XXg”. The %s is placed wherever you want the item link to go. Replace the YYY in the parenthesis after GetItemInfo with the Item ID. You can very easily find the item ID by looking up your item on wowhead. The number in the URL is the ID.

Finding the ITEM ID
Finding the ITEM ID

You can easily add more items to the macro by using %s more than 1 time. Here’s my current macro for buying leystone and felslate:

/run SendChatMessage(format("Buying %s 30g per %s 10g per any amount COD or trade", select(2,GetItemInfo(123919)), select(2,GetItemInfo(123918))),CHANNEL,nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"))

The first %s will look at the first select(2,GetItemInfo()) bit to determine the item and the second will look at the second.

Crafting good macros

Now for buying items you need to specify the item, the price and to make potential sellers feel that you are prompt. It is incredibly important when dealing with suppliers to buy their stuff as soon as they have it available.

If you are selling an item, for instance and expensive mount i would advise you to craft an interesting or funny mini-pitch. Make your message stand out. Make people intrigued about what you are selling.

4 thoughts on “How to make chat Macros that include item links

  1. I know, old post but save yourself some time and simply leave the cursor wherever you want the link in your macro editbox.

    Then type /script MacroFrameText:Insert(“”) and shift-click your item inside the “”. That means you deselect your macro window without closing it (hit escape once), and use the command in your chat.

    Easy peasy. Note that it takes a shitton of space in your macro size limit. To remedy that, I keep macros on keybinds and link them from my main macro with “/click (keybind frame name)”. The frame name is found with /framestack.

  2. How do you do this for battle pets? Because the id # on doesnt work for battle pets because in your example it shows “item=#” and you take the # and add to your macro but with battle pets it is “npc=#” and that # doesnt work.

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