Items and markets to keep an eye on in Shadowlands

With Shadowlands finally out many of you will be scrambling for interesting markets. As I originally wrote this the calendar shows November 19th, which means we are not live, so I’m in speculation mode. I’ve rewritten it slightly to capture what we now know. So in that spirit I will be focusing on various markets you should keep an eye on as they may turn out good, and materials that can turn out to be bottlenecks.

Trends happen quickly at expansion launches

There are always surprises. Blizzard has been announcing a ton of changes the last week before launch with large profession and economic ramifiactions. In addition to this there will be aspects players discover after launch that have significant goldmaking implications and create markets that have significant short term effects.

Eternal Crystal will bottleneck enchanting

With Eternal Crystals being required to leveling and enchanting and likely only being sourced from disenchanting epics they will be a significant bottleneck. You need maxed enchanting to learn the intermediate materials used in base legendary items. Any method that shows up that can consistently generate these will be very important, and if you get in on it right away you can likely generate a lot of gold. These are already very expensive on many realms ( personally paid up to 14k! for a crystal to finish enchanting)

Profession journals

On beta they had profession journals as random world drops. These are consumables that can be traded and give you five skill points in a given profession per journal. This is a great candidate for flipping, and it can generate a lot of gold early on petentially.

The Rise and fall of Darkmoon Decks

As usual Darkmoon Decks were crazy week 1. Prices have fallen significantly since the peak. I have personally found that the sale rate is much higher now though, so overall I am probably making more gold now than when prices were above 100k. Personally I prefer when markets enter demand-land and people actually start buying so I’m loving them even if the tank and healer trinkets are selling below cost (I am still making decent profits on average).


BoE flipping has been huge in former expansions. In SL we get some new random world drop BoEs. Flipping these can potentially be very profitable, but it will vary wildly from realm to realm. I would focus on ones with a socket as that is the main way they will have increased value this time around. Personally I will be staying away from these for a while as the general price trend is downwards, and the item level is not high enough to keep them valuable for long enough.

New cosmetic items

Any new cosmetic items that can be farmed that we do not currently know about will also obviously represent strong goldmaking potential. I’m sure they will have kept some secrets from us, so looking for mounts, secrets, pets etc. will always be good options.

What have you found?

Any secret markets or niches? They will surely be found out soon enough, but if you find something that works, then keep going with it. I have experimented with a ton of different items so far and sold most of them for a profit!

Good luck and happy goldmaking!

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