Leatherworking added to my Legion Spreadsheet

I finally finished adding Legion leatherworking to my spreadsheet.

Leatherworking primarily has armor recipes. For all the armor pieces you can see the value of selling them straight up, disenchanting and selling materials or obliterating the pieces. The best method is highlighted and shown in the rightmost column, as shown in the screenshot below. You can see that it automatically colors the Best method cell so you can easily see whether an item is worthwhile and what you should do with it.


The spreadsheet will give all of the information necessary to find the most profitable recipes and uses of your materials. I might add some more functionality to filter or sort the recipes based on their profitability. The purpose is to easily check what is the best way to use your materials and which of the shuffles and crafts are profitable.

Leatherworking spreadsheet screencap

As you can see the spreadsheet also supports all recipe ranks so just plug in your recipe rank and the prices and profits will be populated automatically via the TradeSkillMaster API.

Back-end calculations and assumptions

The calculations are spread over two hidden sheets, one that has all the Legion recipes gathered from wowhead and one that just has a table of the prices of the materials that are used. This is just to make the Vlookups easier. I cleaned up the sheets so only the ones containing actual results are shown, but if you want to dive into the back-end feel free to un-hide the sheets with calculations.

I got the Obliterum yields from this spreadsheet by redditor gone_gaming. Disenchanting seems to be very good for the warhide and battlebound recipes. I have included the value of Blood of Sargeras in the disenchant calculations, at a 5% Blood of Sargeras rate. This is the consensus rate for Blood of Sargeras and is in line with my results.

For disenchanting I am assuming a 1.5 % chance of a chaos crystal per craft. This is a combination of the 15 % chance of proccing a legendary and then a 10% chance of getting a chaos crystal from disenchanting the Legendary. The disenchant value takes the maximum of 1 leylight shard or 3 arkhana for the rest of the value as well as Blood of Sargeras.

I will continue to add professions to the spreadsheet over time. If you have preferences for a specific profession or functionality please let me know! You can contact me through twitter, discord or in the comments. 



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