Lessons from the first week of rank 7 legendaries

Last week I generated a new record of 21 million gold in sales on my main realm! Let’s take a look at how a mailbox like that looks and some lessons from the first week of legendaries. 

Prices fell quickly

As you can see from the list of sales buy price, the prices of rank 7 legendaries started out quite high, but the price went down rapidly. There was no real barrier to entry, meaning that it would be impossible for anyone to keep profits high. 

Prices fell from the 200k+ mark down to about 60k for the cheapest ones currently. Most legendaries are still profitable at this price however, but the market was as frontloaded as I expected

Preparation matters

This lesson is mostly a consequence of prices falling quickly. I bought all my Progenitor essentia for an average price of 10 000 gold. The price is currently down to 24000 and most recipes are profitable even if you value your essentia at that price point. Since I had an even lower price point my profit margin is much higher than any competition who did not stack up on essentia while they were cheap. 

Cancel scanning is king

In a market with as high prices and low deposit costs as legendaries have cancelscanning will always be king. The more you can cancel the better, particularly early on. 

Non-tier slots are super popular right now

For legendaries the top slots have generally been non-tier slots. Players are scrabbling to get any tier pieces they can and do not want the hassle of their legendaries conflicting with tier pieces. Long term we should see this shift as once you have all 5 pieces you can put your legendaries on the optimal slot, including tier slots. 

That being said, for right now slots like boots, belts, capes and rings are flying off the shelves. 

262 gear has rebounded

262 gear is now back in a pretty profitable spot. It’s nothing like it was the first day, but you can consistently make 20-30% profit and there’s very little cancel scanning. Most cancel scanners are focusing on legendaries as it just gives a much higher reward per time spent. 

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