Making gold by flipping consumables is a great low effort technique

I’ve been dipping my toes quite heavily into consumable flipping after testing out BilisOnyxia’s patreon setup. The market is pretty great, as it has been historically. I have personally focused on greater flasks and Augment runes as I they fit my posting patterns best. 

The basic idea

The basic idea behind flipping consumables is of course the fact that consumable demand varies a lot throughout the week. Most guilds raid on the raid reset day, so players need a lot more consumables on Tuesday and Wednesday than they do on Saturday. This basic pattern is one of the most useful ones for goldmaking. 


Prices will vary throughout the week, typically being lower during the weekend and higher during mid week and we can take advantage of this by buying then they are cheap and reposting for a higher price. The price spikes up around the raid reset and you can sell a lot of flasks!


Which items should you flip?

You can flip any consumable. Personally I prefer to focus on just Best in slot consumables. I also generally prefer the most widely used ones. In BfA I have experienced with flasks and Augment runes with pretty good success. Particularly Greater Flasks have been doing amazing lately and I would suggest focusing on those first. 

Maximizing your profits

Flasks are typically a fairly competitive market, so you want to make sure you can get a decent price for your flasks. The best way to do this is to sell your consumables in different stack sizes than other players. I like to sell flasks in stacks of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 20. Most people post flasks in stacks of 1, and doing it this way means you won’t have to compete with them, which is great!

You can often get away with selling your flasks 10-20% higher if you post in a stack size no one else is selling and someone wants just 3, or just 4. 

TSM settings

I have been using the same general approach where I buy at 80% dbmarket and sell at about 100% since Legion. It still works great and by using a lot of different stack sizes we can get a lot of value out of this! You can find my settings below!

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