Making gold with Alchemy in 8.2

It’s about time I wrote something about how to make gold with alchemy in patch 8.2. I’ve written posts on every other crafting profession and this is way overdue.

What changed?

8.2 added a bunch of new recipes, all of which are strictly better than the old potions and flasks. We now have greater flasks and superior battle potions as well as some other end-game related potions.

Obciously this means that the new recipes are where the vast majority of demand is, although there may be a market for some of the older potions for players that do not want to splash too much gold on consumables.

A look at profitability


If we look at the profitability for the new recipes on my realm we see that even at rank 3 you need to use the tool of the trade efficiently to get any meaningful profits. You can usually get 10-20 % more for your potions by posting in stacks of 2, 3, 4 and 5 though, so with silas and my TSM settings you should be able to make a profit. There is no getting around the fact that you need rank 3 however, as the alchemy market is EXTREMELY competitive.

Getting the recipes

So how do we get the recipes? Rank 1 and rank 2 for all the new recipes are obtained from the profession trainer in Nazjatar, making it quite easy to get. The difficulty, as always, is in getting rank 3. For the Greater flasks rank 3 recipes are obtained from Work Order world quests. This is extremely bad news if you want them quickly, as there is literally no way to get them outside of waiting until the world quest pops. Make sure you check every day so you don’t miss it.

The rank 3 recipes for the new potions come from three sources. Random drops from Operation: Mechagon, random drops from mobs in Nazjatar and Revered reputation with your Nazjatar faction. The most important ones are the superior battle potion recipes, which drop from Nazjatar mobs. This makes them fairly straight forward to farm, just go kill mobs in Nazjatar

TSM settings

As usual we will use a bunch of different stack sizes to maximize the price we can get for our potions and flasks. I have two different setups depending on if you want to have the crafting cost based on crafting with Silas or not. For a background on what that means, check out my post on the Alchemy tool of the trade.

Silas-based settings

Normal rank 3 settings

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4 thoughts on “Making gold with Alchemy in 8.2

  1. Hey love your site and was wanting to try out your pastebin for this and the enchanting changes in 8.2, but I’ve got a problem with them. When I look into the operations from the import of your pastebin, there are no crafting operations other than the #default one. am I missing something, or am I supposed to use the crafting operations from a previous post?

    1. Actually, looking at the last alchemy setup, it looks like the default was there as well. What I’m getting confused by is the restocking quantity. For the purposes of these guides, did you purposefully set the max restocking quantity to 3? That might be where I’m getting messed up

  2. I don’t use crafting operations too much, as optimal inventory is very individual, so I can’t make settings that will work everyone.

    For enchanting I qould work my way up to 20 of each profitable enchants, alchemy can be significantly more dpending on your available gold

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