Making gold with enchanting in patch 8.2

Enchanting got some new recipes in 8.2, but outside of that it remains relatively unchanged. We use the same materials after all. 

Enchanting basics

If you are unfamiliar with enchanting as a profession I will quickly run you through the basics. You craft enchants by casting the enchant spell on an enchanting vellum that you can purchase from profession vendors. This lets you sell it on the AH. The customers are always high level characters that want to maximize their characters performance. 

In BfA there has typically been a lot of competition and you need to have rank 3 recipes to remain competitive as the reduced material cost is crucial. 

You can also shuffle your own materials with the enchanting shuffle which can be profitable.

The new recipes

In 8.2 there are 4 new weapon enchants alongside 4 new ring enchants. The new ring enchants are straight up better versions of the old ones with higher secondary stat bonuses. The weapon enchants are also stronger than the pre 8.2 enchants that were available. This means that players will only care about the new enchants as they are clearly best in slot. 

Getting the new recipes

Rank 1 and rank 2 versions of all the new recipes are available from the profession trainer in your factions main Nazjatar hub. You will have to spend some materials crafting them at rank 1 to reach the required skill level for rank 2, which will cost you a bit of gold. 

Rank 3 recipes are locked behind either Nazjatar rep or world quests. The weapon enchant rank 3 recipes all come from world quests in Nazjatar, so make sure you always keep an eye out for these. The ring enchant rank 3s are from revered reputaiton with your factions Nazjatar Rep. At this point the majority of your competition will most likely have rank 3 recipes for the ring enchatns, so you definetly need to get it to compete. . Keep an eye out for the world quests and make sure you snag the recipes when they are up. 

Sourcing materials

I generally buy most of my materials as I find the enchanting shuffle to time-consuming. It can be a way to bring down the actual gold cost of your enchants, but consider if it would be better to just do the enchanting shuffle if the profit on enchants is too low, or just craft the enchants based on purchased materials if you have the gold. Opportunity costs should always be considered in this case. 

Veiled crystals will typically have to be purchased as the shuffle does not generate enough of these, even with the tool of the trade. 

Posting tips

As with any item enhancement you make most of your sales on raid reset nights when people get tons of new gear. Post often and cancel if necessary. I like to keep a decent stack of every enchant on me so I can just run a new post scan. 12 or 24 hours is the preferred auction duration as it will typically sell in the first hour or not sell at all. I expect players will only be buying the new enchants now so stick to these. Generally speaking they are BiS for most specs and will sell better. 

Updated TSM settings

You can find my updated full enchanting group in my pastebin. I post all my enchants with the same auction and pricing is purely based on the crafting cost. My goal is always to make a reasonable profit and this setup has worked well for several expansions in a row. 

If you want to level up your gold making come join me on Patreon and get access to awesome rewards like Early Access to all my posts. 

3 thoughts on “Making gold with enchanting in patch 8.2

  1. I dont know if i would completely abandon the old enchants just yet, I’m on a full pop server but someone reset the market for quick navigations brought it up from like 500 gold to 1500 gold and I have been posting some and I’ve sold 10 so far in the last 2 days.

    1. Quick Naviagtion seems to still be BiS for some classes. I sold a bunch of them on Wednesday.

  2. @TheLazyGoldmaker Hey! What would be a good pairing for Enchanting for someone who has a single 120 atm on their main server, and doesnt farm. I considered Herbalism as well as Tailoring. Since I can just be passive with herbs by just grabbing when i walk by when doing WQs or w/e. But im unsure if that style of gaining herbs is better than picking up tailoring or something else. Ive been trying JC and have been mostly breaking even when prospecting 20k worth of ore at the time. But im trying to stick with it until im 100% clear on a switch.

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