Making gold with Inscription in patch 8.2

8.2 added several new recipes to Inscription that are quite interesting. The main ones include the new item level 400 Highborne Compendium Trinkets, contracts for the new factions and a new Notorious combatant off-hand. 

Taking a look at crafting profits

If we take a look at crafting profits on my realm right now we see that the Highborne Compendiums are profitable for the most part. The Tome of the Quiet Mind is also extremely profitable. I don’t have the new Vantus Rune or contracts, but looking at my Spreadsheet they seem to be VERY profitable as well. 


Overall it looks like you can make a lot of gold here. The Tome of the Quiet Minds will be in very high demand when progressions is going on in Azshara’s Eternal Palace, so do take advantage of that. 

Unlocking the new recipes

To get the recipes you need to level up your Inscription skill to level 160. This is where you get the Highborne Compendium Trinkets.

The new contracts are locked behind Revered rep, so if you are not close, now is the time to push as profits will go down. The Vantus Rune recipe drops from bosses in the Eternal Palace, so make sure you do LFR when it opens so you can get the higher ranks ASAP. 


Milling or buying inks?

You can either buy your inks or pigments or buy herbs to mill. Milling the pre 8.2 herbs will give you an absolutely massive amount of Ultramarine Pigment, which can be very annoying to deal with. To figure out which herb is optimal, or if buying the finished pigments or inks make sense, check your realm on my spreadsheet. For Maroon Pigments and inks Zin’anthid is much less annoying to deal with as you only get Maroon Pigment. You get 3 pigments per 5 Zin’anthid on Average. 

On my realm today all the mills are super profitable, but this may not be the case for you. 

TSM Settings

My updated TSM group contains settings for all the new items and will help you post them based on crafting costs. At this point there are a ton of profitable crafts for inscription, so just check the spreadsheet and go to town!

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3 thoughts on “Making gold with Inscription in patch 8.2

  1. Can you update your flipping mats guide by any chance ? Thank you for the blogs , ipthey are great

    1. I will do that once I’ve got some more experience with the new materials. I’ve been traveling too much to play around with it.

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