Making gold with jewelcrafting in patch 8.2

8.2 launched last week and it’s time to start looking at the new professions. Jewelcrafting looks very attractive right now so let’s get to it. 

New ore, new gems


The major change for jewelcrafting is of course the addition of a new type of ore in Osmenite Ore which prospects into a set of new Epic gems. The new gems can be cut and they all give more stats than the current set. There are two types of gems, the new Leviathan’s Eye which replaces the Kraken’s Eye as the primary stat gem you can have one of, and the regular colored gems. 

This addition means that the old gems are fairly obsolete as they are no longer the best option. Generally this means you should avoid prospecting any of the old ores and stick to Osmenite. We also finally get the very welcome addition of mass prospecting which will save a ton of time!

Prospecting yields from Osmenite Ore


Prospecting can be an annoying process to value, but for Osmenite the yields are very straight forward. Every prospect will yield one colored gem. You also have a chance of getting a Leviathan’s Eye in addition. The chance to get the green or red gems is significantly lower than the other colors. 

This makes the math fairly easy for figuring out if prospectingis profitable. If the average value of the colored gems is higher than the price of 5 Osmenite, then you are really in the money as the Leviathan’s eyes will be pure profit. On my realm yesterday this was the case which makes it a great deal. To get the full calculation you can use my spreadsheet to download the necessary data and get the calculation directly. 

Dealing with the competition

The competition is fierce for selling the new gems right now and you will have to put in some work to move them effectively. Cancel scans are a very good idea as you will most likely be undercut very quickly unless you get the sale. The first day of Azshara’s Eternal Palace will be important and a great opportunity to move a lot of gems fairly quickly. 

As usual we expect the haste gem to sell fastest, with crit and mastery following close behind. Versatility is usually the least in-demand staff and the blue gems are usually much slower selling. For Leviathan’s Eye I have generally found that you sell more agility and intellect gems than strenght, but you can just restock as you need. 

The failure of Notorious Combatant gear

With the extreme ease of getting item level 385 gear from Nazjatar it looks like there is very little profit to be made from crafting Notorious combatant gear. You can take a flier on staff r two if you like risk, but the sale rate will likely be very low as the market is extremely thin for this gear. 

TSM settings

My TSM setup is based on the same principle as the one I used for rare gems earlier in BfA. I use a hard-coded gold limit as the minimum price, as the various gems have completely different values. If I wanted to use a proper minimum price I would have to have one operation for each gem, and I don’t think the increased value is worth it. I also only really care about the average sell price across gem types, which can’t be solved with minimum prices. In isolation I expect I’ll sell the blue gems at a “loss”, but we make up for it with haste gems and Leviathan’s eyes. 

Remember to repost often, especially on raid reset days.

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