Making gold with Leatherworking in patch 8.2

We continue on with crafting professions in the 8.2 environment, and today it is leatherworking on the menu. Leatherworking has traditionally focused on leather and mail armor alongside some utility items. 

What’s new in 8.2

Patch 8.2 added several new recipes for leatherworkers. The most important ones for goldmaking include the new Notorious combatant armor, the notorious combatant weapons to a lesser extent and the new mount equipment and the Dredged Leather Bladder. The Dredged leather bladder is a tradeskill item used by blacksmiths to create the Inflatable Mount shoes, which makes them very nice to sell to other crafters. 



As we can see above the vast majority of the Notrious Combatant recipes are profitable on my realm, even with just rank 1 recipes. The profit margins are looking AMAZING in fact with margins approaching 200 % for the base item, which is great. There will likely be differences between realms though, so check your own. 


If we take a look at the utility items we see that both the mount equipment and the Dredged Leather Bladders are VERY profitable. The profit margins are 134 and 201 % respectively. Sale rates are also pretty high with 3.6 bardings and 14.2 Bladders selling per day on average, indicating that these items are VERY worthwile. 

Getting the new recipes

All of the new recipes are obtained from your profession trainer in Nazjatar. As with the other professions you need to level your profession skill past level 150 to get all of them. 

The higher rank Notorious Combatant recipes are purchased using Marks of Honor from the quartermaster vendor that has always sold these recipes. This means you need to farm a lot of PvP if you want all the recipes unless you have stocked up ahead of time. 

TSM settings 

As usual we are sticking to my regular operation for selling crafted items which has worked well for years. All the armor and the Comfortable Rider’s barding should be sold in stacks of 1. For the Dredged leather bladder we want to post significantly more and in differing stack sizes as our customers will be crafters that do not have access to leatherworking primarily. 

Remember that you will have to add all the specific crafted versions of the notorious combatant gear to the group as you make them as the group only contains the base version. 

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