Making gold with tailoring in patch 8.2

It’s time for a review of the next crafting profession in an 8.2 setting. Tailoring is usually a profession that is focused on crafting cloth armor and bags, and that is the case this time around as well. 

The new recipes

8.2 introduced a new set of crafted item level 370 gear as well as two pieces of mount equipment: The Seabreeze Saddle Blanket and the Saddlechute. 

The Notorious Combatant gear will be of interest for people looking to quickly gear up a new alt so it can tackle Nazjatar without spending too much gold or too much time dead. The Saddle blanket is a buff item that is also a part of the recipe for the leatherworking mount equipment, while the Saddlechute is a fully fledged mount equipment slot item. 



As we can see the majority of the Notorious combatant pieces are profitable on my realm even at rank 1. With higher rank recipes you would be looking at an even better profit and much less time required to craft. Sale rate is not amazing, but overall I have found that Notorious gear does sell, so crafting up a couple for each slot should be well worth it. 

For the mount Equipment we can see that on my realm only the Saddle Blanket is profitable, the Saddlechute is selling for half the cost of the raw materials and should be avoided, at least on my realm. 


Getting the new recipes

All of the new recipes are obtained from your profession trainer in your factions main Nazjatar hub. Higher ranks for the notorious combatant gear is once again locked behind marks of honor, so hopefully you enjoy PvP! Otherwise you will have to choose between doing it anyway, or just using the rank 1 recipes if they are profitable for you. 

TSM settings

My usual TSM setup for selling crafted gear will be perfect for selling these items as well. You can find my updated tailoring setup in my pastebin which includes groups for all of the tailoring items currently in the game. 

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2 thoughts on “Making gold with tailoring in patch 8.2

  1. Brilliant guides – thanks!
    In case anyone else falls into the trap: the pastebin code is for the Alliance versions of the gear – you’ll need to import new item numbers from Wowhead if you want the Horde versions (Blizzard – why do you do this?!)

    I also have a question. In my TSM setup, the boots and the cloak have no sell prices, as TSM has scanned no auctions for them (Darkmoon Faire EU, Horde). Is there a way to add either a region price backup to the price string, or even better, use the market price for the Alliance item number in the string? I know the basics of how to do the first, but I don’t quite understand the ‘ifgt’ clause so I don’t know where to put the extra bit.

    Thanks 😀

    1. If you want to add a backup price you can just use first(dbmarket, dbregionmarketavg) If dbmarket does not exist then it will use the second source. If you add the right versions of the item it should not matter though, as it should be using whichever faction version you actually have.

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