Some minor spreadsheet updates

I got home a day earlier than expected from my vacation. I spent the morning ironing out some issues in my spreadsheets. Primarily updating the jewelcrafting sheet so that it should be easier to understand. I also fixed some recipe issues (healing and mana potions).

The new JC page has all the recipes listed and clearly lists the crafting cost and disenchanting profit from crafting the ilvl 765 rings from uncommon gems. This should help you to more easily make your decisions on whether or not buying chaotic spinels of the Auction House to use up the rest of your crafted gems are worth it. I also set some more rows in the Enchanting sheet to hidden and fixed an issue with gem chips getting mispriced.

As always you can find the spreadsheet at:

Direct links:


Google Sheets

Help me improve the spreadsheet

Some of the issues I fixed this go around are based on your input on my discord server. Please let me know in the comments or on discord if you have any suggestions on how to improve the spreadsheet!

Especially what you would want from inscription/engineering pages.

You can find me on my discord where I have a dedicated spreadsheet support channel.

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