Monetizing your Alts

Using your alts efficiently can be a huge boon as a gold maker. I will go through my set up and point out the most tried and true methods of generating income on alts. They don’t even have to be lvl 110 to be profitable.

Daily cooldowns

Daily cooldown profession materials are the main way to make efficient money on your alts. Below you can find a list of some daily cooldowns that can be profitable.

  • Transmutes (Pyrium Bar or Living Steel)
  • Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source (For Sky Golems)
  • Warlords of Draenor profession mats (Catalysts for philosophers stone, war paints for Cards of Omen, Hexweave for bags etc.

With current prices on my server i make about 650 gold profit per Pyrium transmute. Sky golems have a profit of roughly 18 000 gold which averages out to 600 gold per day. So for every alchemist/engineer I have I make about 1250 gold per day for logging in and doing to 1,5 second crafts. Seems like a pretty good deal. Now add the fact that none of these recipes are above MoP, so you could do this on a level 90 character. I personally have 10 character at 90 or above. Disregarding characters with full tradeskills I could do this on 5 of them for 6250 gold per day. That’s 187500 gold per month.

Crafted Old World Transmog

There are ton of old world crafted items that sell well as transmog. I would recommend download Phat Lewts TSM transmog List. It has operations and a separate group for all crafted items. You can easily make a crafting operation that restocks all crafted transmog that will turn a profit. I did this once before Legion launched and sales have been steady. This is nice supplementary income and you will likely have some good recipes lying around if you have been playing for a long time. Put them to use making gold. Tons of people forget about old expansion content when it’s out of date so profit margins are generally higher even if mat prices are ridiculous.


Everyone and their mother forgot about Garrisons when WoD ended. Myself included. I have not personally bothered setting any up, but they can still turn very good profits. Garrison resources with maxed followers for mission will give you an abundance of WoD materials. The barn can give you tons of Savage blood that can be turned in at the Trading Post for about 50g average (It does require som farm, but from what I can tell you can farm up a months worth in an hour or two).  /u/moonkyng on reddit did the math at 7.0 and calculated about a 30 000g/month profit per garrison. I personally find the upkeep abit too much, so I don’t bother, but the profits are there.

What do I do?

My current list of characters look like this:

  • 110 Shaman (Main) Jewelcrafting/Enchanting
  • 110 Druid Leatherworking/Tailoring
  • 100 DK Blacksmithing/Inscription
  • 100 Warlock Alchemy/Engineering (Vials, Sky Golems etc.)
  • 100 Rogue Tailoring/Mining
  • 100 Monk Alchemy (Pyrium bars)
  • 96 Paladin Mining/JC
  • 92 Mage Alchemy/JC
  • 90 Priest No professions
  • 90 Hunter No professions

Writing this post made me realise that I really need to get professions on my priest and hunter and swap professions on my paladin. I have been slacking on my alts. You will also notice that across my top 4 alts I have access to all crafting professions. I recommend having access to all of them as diversification is key. I use my druid and shaman to craft all my Legion stuff. For the alts I generally only do daily CDs. This is my daily routines for the alts:

  • Priest: repost glyphs (Stocked up on glyphs pre-legion)
  • Mage: Transmute: Pyrium Bar
  • Monk: Transmute: pyrium Bar
  • Rogue: Hexweave cloth daily CD and work orders
  • Warlock: Transmute: Pyrium Bar and Jard’s peculiar energy source


Pyrium and Jard’s nets me about 2000 gold per day. I then get some more from the hexweave CDs, but insignificant in comparison. I choose the Pyrium transmute as I spend a lot of them crafting Vials of the Sands. Living steel might be better, check your servers prices to confirm.


One thought on “Monetizing your Alts

  1. Having multiple garrisons is still my favorite way to make gold. All of my alts have the alchemy and inscription huts (soon I’ll have multiple tailors with the huts, too) and I have one level 10 warrior with haste enchants to flip all the cards for me. There’s also the old perks of getting those rare missions that give you the elixir of the rapid mind, etc.

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