My plans for Shadowlands

With Shadowlands rapidly approaching it’s time to outline my plans through launch and beyond.

What will I be playing?

As you all know I have been playing a lot of Classic since Classic released, including raiding. As we head into SL this comes to a head with Naxx and Nathria opening at the same time. I’ll be at least finishing off Naxx with my guild, but I have started transitioning to focusing mostly on retail and I will do that going forward. Some people from the classic guild will be playing retail, and we’ll see where that takes us.

Launch week

I have gotten time off from my day job during launch week, so I will be going hardcore. The current plan is to stream 7’ish hours during the day from about 09:00 to 16:00 CET. Then I’ll take a break for dinner and family time until my daughter is in bed and then a shoter 2-4 hour long stream in the 20-24 CET time slot. This isn’t completely finalized as I am planning to put out some guides as well.

Special Patreon offer

Back in March I ran a special offer on my Patreon where players who had an active pledge got access to videoes where I went through the current state of the markets and exactly what I was doing. I’ll be repeating this for SL launch with a twist. This time, anyone who has an active pledge at the end of the first week of SL will get access to weekly videos for the first 4 weeks where I cover important price changes, my personal experience and best advice. It will go live on patreon with all the specific details in a little while. To qualify you simply need to have an active pledge at Sunday the 29th of November before midnight Central European Time.

Profession spreadsheet

I just published my profession spreadsheet for Shadowlands in it’s 0.9 version and it should be fully operational with all the missing features within a day or two of SL launch hopefully.

TSM settings

I should have a comprehensive Profession setup for TSM ready in time for launch for patrons. I’ll be publishing the groups as I always have when I write guides on specific markets throughout the weeks after launch. I don’t keep my pastebin settings completely up to date, but most of my operations have remain unchanged since Legion. Eventually most of the setup will thus be available for anyone.

Total Gold Guide

I have written Total Gold Guides for expansions in the past and I will be writing up the version for Shadowlands so it’s ready with SL launch. By then it will be based on theorycrafting though, so it will likely not be completely correct, but the same niches are always relevant and always profitable. The basic gameplay loops of wow have not changed and players will still be spending their gold on getting more powerful and looking cooler.

If you want to level up your gold making come join me on Patreon and get access to awesome rewards like Early Access to all my posts. 

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