My profession setup for Shadowlands

With release only hours away it’s time to share what I plan on doing for the first couple of days in Shadowlands. I have the week off so I will be streaming every day from about 09:00 CET from Tuesday this week, so join me on twitch if you can!

I have 4 level 50s ready to go

This ensures i can cover all the professions in Shadowlands. My likely main is my warlock which has alchemy and engineering, which I can’t swap out due to very valuable old world recipes. This sucks as none of those professions are particularly important to speedlevel to 60.

My Death knight has Blacksmithing leatherworking and will be the first character I level. Then I have rogue which will have enchanting/inscription and a shaman that will be tailoring/Jewelcrafting. I paired the armor professions to ensure I only need to level two characters to 60 to get all base legendary items.

Profession timeline

Generally speaking week 1 players focus primarily on gear. Accelerating your item level to speed you through the initial gearing is very valuable and something players are often willing to pay for. The main items that stand out here are of course the darkmoon decks. Clocking in at item level 200 they will be the best item players can get pre raid and will be very sought after.

For the other crafted gear base rare gear might see some sales, but once we get crafter’s mark 2 it gets going for real. Particularly the jewelcrafting rings that have a guaranteed socket are really good.

As such leveling my gear crafters to 60 and getting as many recipes on them as possible is the second priority after darkmoon decks. 


Base legendaries and crafter’s marks are the main reason to level profession alts to 60. As such I will be leveling my DK and shaman first. I plan to have my shaman on follow as he is on my second account to minimize the time until both characters are level 60. This will slow down my DK a bit, but I think getting all base legendaries as soon as possible will counteract that.

Launch plans

I will start playing at about 9 the morning after launch. I will first check the AH for SL herbs. I will run my rogue through the maw intro first to potentially power level inscription ASAP. If I can I will want to get my first darkmoon decks onto the AH within the first day. If I can find enough materials I will probably level my DK solo, as just going hard on the darkmoon decks has often been insanely profitable.

After that my general priority will be to unlock the base legendary recipes and work on unlocking crafters mark rank 2. Eventually I will level my warlock as well to start playing the actual gearing game, but that is not looking like a priority right now as my focus will be on the goldmaking opportunities. Alchemy typically only really takes off when raids release.

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