New Launch date and pre-patch event date

Blizzard recently gave us a new release date for Shadowlands as well as a date for the pre-patch scourge Invasion event. The timeline is short, so let’s look at what this might mean for goldmaking.

Launch timing

The new launch date is November 24th and the pre patch scourge invasion event is coming on the 10th of November. This is a little sooner than I personally expected, so I’m in a bit of scramble mode to get ready in time. So let’s look at what you can do. 

Until the event

Now is the time to take advantage of the extreme content lull. Level alts, farm old world recipes or BfA recipes that will remain valuable. ATV mounts, vial of the sands, Panthers and other mounts are all perennial classics.

This is also the last part of the expansion we can be certain that uncanny gear will sell well. They might still sell decently after the even opens assuming that an initial ilvl boost is helpful or useful even after the catch up gear is introduced, but that’s very uncertain. I would suggest stocking low numbers at the time, so that if you end up with any left over you can just stash them in a bank for 6 months until the price recovers for transmog purposes.

Market changes during the event

The big one is of course the fact that uncanny gear might die. Outside of that it should be more of the same with mounts, consumables and everything else selling. Enchants and consumables will likely slow down as we approach Shadowlands, so don’t overcraft in these markets. We might also see some very cheap Icecrown materials as tons of players will be in that zone. It might be a great time to stock up on some Saronite and Titanium as these ores generally sell well and the price may hit a low point.

Last minute SL prep

As we approach SL you will want to do your last minute prep for the new expansion. This time around leveling quickly will be a huge boon for goldmaking and I would suggest gearing your main as much as possible before SL launches. You will of course also want to clear out your bags of all the BfA items you don’t need to carry around anymore so you can save time when running about in the afterlife.

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