Notes from the first week of legendaries on a new realm

So I have been going for about a week on a new realm now, and I wanted to talk about it!

The initial research

I needed to figure out how to spend my initial 1.3 million to optimize my earnings potential. I used Manthieus’ excellent shadowlands cheat sheet as the basis.

I quickly realized I would have enough gold to level 3-4 recipes to rank 4. One surprising aspect to me was that the discount from reputation on orboreal shards is less impactful than I thought. For leveling a single recipe to rank 4, the difference between the largest discount and zero discount is about 20 000 gold. I’m already at honored, so I would be saving about 12k per legendary I level to rank 4. Obviously this will stack up, but I thought it would have been a larger number.

Slot priority

To prioritize slots I used the legendary distribution sheet posted to the woweconomy subreddit a while ago. I prioritized slots that players would want to re-craft legendaries in for 9.2, as well as slots that are good now. The number one slot in general for that purpose is the legs slot.

After that it varies a bit from armor type to armor type whether they prefer helmets or chestpieces.

Current status

I have leveled plate chests and legs to rank 4, and I’ve sold a single rank 6 for both items. My tailor/leatherworker is level 57 and will hit level 60 fairly soon. With that I can get started there as well, prioritizing tailoring over leatherworking as I want to get more recipes to increase my chance of getting a sale.

Rep wise I am getting close to revered, if I can just get lucky with some callings we should get there.

Dump the low ranks

Rank 1-3 legendaries have almost zero value right now. I am literally just dumping them at whatever price the current price is, set the duration to 48 hours and hope I get a sale. Most likely I won’t even make a single penny off of them.

Liquidity, I need it

I am almost out of gold already, as I overbought materials a little bit. I will need to add some form of liquidity increasing markets. I crafted a good chunk of enchants to level enchanting and they are selling nicely, so I did a full restock. I’ll also run my scribe into Oribos to see if I can make some gold with missives, as I am fairly desperate to generate some gold to dump into more legendaries.

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2 thoughts on “Notes from the first week of legendaries on a new realm

    1. Well yes, sadly that is where you have to be to even consider legendaries as a goldmaking method, so it is as much as you can get from “scratch” in that specific market.

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