NOW is the time to get into these markets!

The final season of Dragonflight is on the horizon and it’s actually time to start looking ahead. With the slowdown in max level content we can expect activity to drop, but profits are still going to be there!

Fated season is slow

In Shadowlands in particular the fated season was fairly slow relative to the earlier seasons. The main reason was that unlike previous seasons the gear from professions was not upgraded at all, which lead to extremely low demand. We currently don’t know how the DF fated season will be, but it’s not unlikely it will be relatively slow for max level power increasing gear.

So get into cosmetics

So that means now is the perfect time to set you up for selling cosmetics with long term value. Crafted transmog, crafted mounts, battle pet flipping, transmog flipping are all tyopes of goldmaking methods that this is a great time to get into. If you want to do flipping, I would say you need to be active on multiple realms, now that any item can be traded to any other realm this is a necessity

Now let’s take a very quick look at some examples

Shadowlands legendaries

This is a great little crafting market, with consistent sales even now. The main barrier here is that you need to either be exalted with one of the Shadowlands factions or have a goblin so you can get the maximum vendor discount when buying Orboreal Shards. Outside of that, just keep 3 of each item in stock and repost whenever you can remember and you will see consistent sales.

Battle pet flipping

The original multi realm flipping market. You could always easily move battle pets around so this has been a very consistent way to make gold of the differences in price between realms. My general approach is to buy pets that are less than half the price of the region market value and sell at around 70% of the region market value or higher. Any battle pet will work, I don’t avtually know anything about which are useful for battling or anything, but you can still make gold.

Crafted transmog

Crafted transmog is the widest category of items in the game. There are literally thousands of potential items to craft. In general harder to get recipes will have more value. Recent examples include the Naxxramas and Scholo transmog, older interesting ones include the felsteel longblade world drop from TBC. To get inspiration for items to look for you can do a weapon or armor search for items below required level 69 and sort by price. Then look up any that stand out on wowhead to figure out how to craft them if they are crafted.

This will all hold value

All of these markets will usually hold long term value well. Cosmetics never truly go out of style, but of course any one cosmetic will have fewer and fewer customers as time goes by. Luckily we also have players coming into the game to keep demand rolling.

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