Old world flipping markets: Ancient mana

Suramar had it’s Ancient mana currency, which included tradeable items that would give you 50 or 100 ancient mana. There are still cosmetic and achievment awards available from the zone, so the ancient mana crystals and gems are still quite useful.

The items

Ancient mana gems and Ancient Mana Crystals are both tradeable items that give you 50 or 100 ancient mana when used. Since these can be traded on the AH they are quite useful. The main use for ancient mana is for the withered army training scenario, as well as the suramar achievments. Getting it from the AH is a lot faster than flying around Suramar to gather it, so anyone looking to work on this zone right now can save a lot of time.

These items are perfect to flip as they are typically looted as one-offs here and there, but the players who buy them will usually want more than one. This means the AH can quickly be depleted at low price points and you can get sales even while overcutting. The low quantity also means that resets typically can work quite well.

Price parity

The crystals give exactly half of the ancient mana of the Gems. This is very important as it generally means that the crystals are worth about half of what the gems are. This price relationship will pay an important part when considering which items to purchase. If Crystals are selling for less than half of the price of gems then crystals are a good choice, if the price is more than half of the gems, then the gems are a better bet. This will all of course also depend on the relative price compared to the market or region market value of the items.

An example

Below are two screenshots from my main realm. The price of crystals is just a third of the price of gems. This indicates that the crystals are a good potential option to flip. If we look closer on the tooltip information, we see that the gems are sitting at region market value (interestingly enough so are the crystals, so if you want ancient mana you should probably buy those).

If we look at just the market for crystals, we see that there’s 23 available at 299, and then a gap up to 499 per. This is perfect for us. We can buy out all the ones at 299 and repost them for 450, which is exactly half the current gem price. You could set it a little lower to entice people into buying, as the crystals do require a little bit more clicking to earn the mana. At 420 you would still make a good chunk of gold.

Or just flip brainlessly

Alternatively you can just run a normal TSM shopping scan and naively buy anything that shows up below 70% dbmarket, you are less likely to find shopping opportunities, but you will take a little less risk. This is the type of item where the market value can be manipulated, as the total volume posted is relatively low, so keep that in mind. The included TSM group will shop for gems below 70% dbmarket and repost them for a higher price.

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