Old world gold making: MoP Inscription shoulder enchants

This fantastic post on reddit highlighted a lot of timeless goldmaking methods from older expansions. I decided to jump in and write up a longer guide on the inscription shoulder enchants from Mists of Pandaria specifically. 

Why would anyone buy them

Inscription crafting window

The greater Inscription enchants are the best enchants in the game for heirloom shoulders. They still sell a decent amount for that reason. You may want to do some advertisement in trade though to clue more people into the fact that they can use these to level faster. 

Particularly with the decreased experience requirements in 8.1 now is the perfect time to get into this. 


The recipes are trained from the inscription trainer and they require a skill level of 45 in Mists of Pandaria Inscription. 

The first 20 skill levels are easiest to do by just crafting inks from the Pandaria pigments. This will also get you some inks to craft the rest of the levels with. 

From 20 to 25 you can do either the research for Ink of Dreams if you are missing glyph recipes or Scrolls of Wisdom. They both require 3 inks per craft and are orange all the way up. So the 25 skill levels will require 75 inks of dreams. 

Sourcing materials

The greater inscriptions all require three starlight inks each and a light parchment. The easiest way to look for materials is to do crafting scans for misty pigment or for starlight ink. 

To do a crafting scan you just need to pick crafting from the dropdown on the TSM shopping window. It will then compare the prices of the various herbs and the pigments to figure out what the cheapest method of getting the pigments is. 

If you end up milling your herbs you will get a ton of shadow pigments and inks of dreams. You can try to sell them or you can turn them into lesser enchants to vendor, or glyphs if you are into that. 

Crafting search in TSM
TSm crafting scan results

Selling the enchants

When selling them we will obviously be posting in stacks of 1. I’ve added my 24 hour crafting based operation which has a minimum price of 120% of the crafting cost. This should work well for the majority of realms. 

You can find my TSM settings in my pastebin as always. 

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