Old world materials: Beyond Monelite

I wrote about Monelite Ore about a week ago, but it is certainly not the only old world material you can profitably flip. Today I thought I’d share a couple of other old expansion materials that still fill very useful niches.

Is it still used

While you can flip almost every material in the game, it is generally way better to focus on items that are used in recipes players still buy. The absolute best ones from old expansions are the mount recipes, which is a huge driver for Monelite Ore demand. So starting with the other crafted mounts is a great choice.

Spirit of Harmony

Spirit of Harmony is an incredibly interesting item. It can be traded for various other Pandaria materials at a vendor in Vale of Eternal blossoms, and it is also straight up used for the rocket mounts, and it is used in the transmute for Living Steel. All of which ties into the panthers and rockets that you can craft from that expansion. Spirits are universally useful for those reasons, and it is a fantastic item to flip. Currently overall quantities are trending downwards, so it may be a good investment. It is an item that is notorious for botting however, and there are often huge waves of spirits getting posted.

Titansteel Bars

Wrath of the Lich King had the chopper and mechano-hog mounts. Both require Titansteel, which can be a bit of a hassle to craft. Smelting these yourself and just selling them can be profitable, but it can also work well to flip all of the required materials, including Titanium and the Eternals. There are also opportunities to utilize alchemy for transmutes, but Saronite is usually quite expensive.

Cataclysm herbs and volatiles

The last batch is of course all the items required for the Vial of the Sands mount. Through intermediate crafts there is an absolutely huge amount of materials that go into these. Azshara’s Veil and Volatile fire, water and air are the best items to flip in my opinion as they are generally the lower quantity ones. The Albino Cavefish needed for Deepstone Oil will also vary quite a bit in supply and can be very nice to flip.

Other markets

Obviously there are tons of other old crafts that are still in demand than mounts, and thus tons of other items that you can flip profitably. Look through items you know sell from old expansions if you have experience with any, or items on your professions with particularly high profit margins. The materials can often be profitably flipped. Old expansion materials have much larger variation in supply leading to large swings in prices.

Just use my basic flipping settings

To get started with any of these just use the flipping operation I shared in my last post. You want to add a shopping operation to buy at a maximum of 70% dbmarket, and then you just go to town executing shopping and posting scans. You can use that operation to flip literally any material in the game. Good luck hunting for deals!

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