One tip for making gold with EVERY crafting profession in Cataclysm classic

Today I will share one quick tip for every crafting profession in Cataclysm classic to make gold, so let’s dive in! We’ll be focusing on cheaper more consistent markets rather than top end, this is the starter items to whet your appetite for gold.


Transmutations is the best way right now. For daily transmutes doing living elements in Uldum for guaranteed air is really good, truegold can also be OK. Outside of that it can be profitable to do the inferno ruby transmute, particularly if you can cut the gems.


Ebonsteel Belt Buckles! They sell really quickly as the BiS belt enchant. The profit margin isn’t crazy high, but it’s a very consistent way to generate gold.


For enchanting the low level weapon enchants are my favorites. They are relatively high in demand, and not too expensive to craft. They are still expensive enough that players leveling enchanting will shy away from them for the most part.


The best way I have found with engineering is doing the trade for the cogwheel gems. You can trade for these at the supply vendor and they take various engineering crafted items. They sell quite quickly as many players dont know how to obtain them.


Glyphs is the name of the game for easy gold here. Scroll through and stock any that are profitable and you should see some very consistent sale numbers.


Right now the best value you can possibly have is by having a recipe with low competition. If you got 3 tokens, grab a rare gem with a high price and sale rate and go to town.


Entry level PvP gear is the way to go here. There are so many different recipes to go for that very few of them have been saturated by crafters doing the leveling. In particular the ones that require dragonscales are not part of the leveling guides and are quite good.


Once again we are going for the PvP gear, although here you are most likely only looking at profits on the 6 maks skill recipes. They sell quite quickly though, so enjoy!

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