Opening day of 10.2, Here are my opening moves!

10.2 is upon us, so it’s time to try a little harder to make gold!

10.1 launch was horrible

My 10.1 launch plays went absolutely sideways. The end result was that I ended the first week down a huge amount of gold, due to buying the armor patch recipe for way too much, and investing in shadowflame essences.

More goldmaking, less rep farming

The main thing I need to do this patch is to focus more on execution in goldmaking markets. I simply need to spend more time reposting, and restocking profitable items, and less time potentially unlocking recipes or whatever.


Before the patch I did a little prep, which primarily meant setting up 3 extra dracothyst alchemists, so I am up to 5 total now. Not a huge amount, but it should give me some more consistent gold. As of recording (the day after the patch, but before the new season) prices are down on dracothyst. Demand is really low this week, as players won’t use their sparks until they can get aspect crests. I expect demand to pick up next week, so I won’t sell any until then, but I will keep on top of my  charges.

Verdant combatant

The verdant combatant gear recipes are very valuable. I spent some time camping on the AH and I managed to snag the amulet recipe for 300 gold. I posted it before I went to bed, but it didn’t sell. In stead I decided to just learn it and craft a ton. I then spread out so I had 6 amulets on each of my realms, since you can cross realm trade now. Prices vary a lot between realms, my top sales are at 10000 gold, which is pretty good for a 500 gold crafting cost item. On Draenor competition is more fierce, but so is the sale rate.

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