Outlining my plans for the 30 days to a token challenge

I’ve been talking about my 30 days to a token challenge for a while, and today I thought I would give you a quick outline of my plans for the challenge as well as for documenting it! The start is still a while off as I am still leveling the character I plan to use, but we can get started on the planning. 

Why am I doing it?

I am doing a 30 days to a token challenge because it is the most realistic starting point for new gold makers. I want to put myself in your shoes to re learn what works as well as to give me a better understanding of how various techniques work in this specific scenario. 

Getting a token in 30 days is what is required to play WoW for free, if I can do that from scratch and teach you what I did then this will be extremely useful.

How will I do it?

As I want to have a similar experience to someone starting out with gold making I will set some restrictions. I will be using one account and just one character. I will start at level 120. Currently my plan is to start with the amount of gold I have when I hit 120 after leveling from a fresh 110 boost. I have not used gathering professions while leveling so the gold will just be the gold from drops and quests. I may start with a lower amount, it depends on how much gold I have. 

What will I do?

What gold making methods should I use? 

At this point I think I want to repeat the challenge a couple of times to test out a couple of different methods. This first time I will focus on sustainable methods. I will do stuff that makes gold now while also building towards more lucrative markets. That means I will do a minimum of farming and focus on flipping and crafting. 

My starting point will be material flipping. I will probably do some enchanting shuffling as well, and may go into expulsom crafting. I will have to stick to stuff that is profitable at lower ranks as I won’t be able to get rep in time. 


I’ll try to play a little bit every day as I will need to be a little more active than my current schedule. I’ll track my time spent though so we can know how it worked. 

Documenting it

I’ll document the challenge on my blog, on my stream and probably through some Patreon-only videos. Longer term I want to run the challenge a couple of time to gather data on which methods are most efficient for getting a single token quickly, and which work best that also set you up for longer term success. 

How can I make it better?

Please let me know if you have any ideas for making the challenge better or more useful. I want to use it to really become an expert on early stage gold making so I can help you guys over the initial hurdle, which is the largest one. 

Should I add more constraints, change the setup, document it in a particular way?

Let me know!

I am really looking forward to actually starting it, I’ll probably have to focus more on leveling for the next weeks.

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