Phase 2 is upon, Let’s look at the new stuff for goldmaking!

Classic Phase 2 is upon us, and due to my extensive foray into Dragonflight this video is a little late. Fret not however, as the changes in Ulduar are overall not that huge for goldmaking.

New season, new gearing

We are getting a new season, a new raid and a completely new dungeon mode with titan rune dungeons. All of this means we will see more new gear coming in on both alts and mains, as well as more opportunities for players to use consumables. This will be a high point for demand for consumables, gems and enchants and you should take advantage of it. Investing ahead of time has historically  been hit and miss, which is why I haven’t really covered it .

New recipes

One of the main things that can drive profits in a new patch is any new recipes that are added to the game. The Ulduar phase does  add some recipes, but they are all for epic gear and drop from the raid. That means the direct impact on goldmaking is limited in terms of crafting potential. Recipes will primarily go to guild crafters early on. Of course if you get one of them you can expect to make gold with it, perhaps primarily through trade chat in the beginning, depending on how expensive the materials turn out.

Demand spike

New recipes and new strong crafted items often leads to a spike in material prices. Runed Orbs are the new material from ulduar, which is the Frozen Orb equivalent for Ulduar crafted items. These will be expensive early on and gradually trend down in price, so if you get any with badges or through other methods, make sure you sell them while you can. Now is also a great opportunity to farm items used in the new ulduar recipes. This includes eternals, Titansteel bars and the tailoring cooldown cloths to mention some.

Epic gems?

We get the first batch of unique-equipped epic gems with Phase 2. These come from the treasure bags from fishing dailies and are pre-cut. The actual Jewelcrafting epic gems won’t be showing up until the next content phase, so there’s still time to prepare titanium ore, although we can expect players to really start stocking up on it soon.

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