Phase 3 is coming, here’s what you need to know!

Phase 3 has been announced so the next tier of SoD will go live very soon. So let’s look at what datamining has for us!

Epic crafting

Doing the material shuffle early in phase 2 was very profitable, so if they add anything similar to the epic crafts from Sunken Temple you want to prioritize getting started on this as early as possible. As of right now it does look like you don’t need any intermediate materials this time around.

New Waylaid Supplies

We are getting new waylaid supplies turn-ins. WoWhead has already datamined the likely items, and some of these can be crafted already. I would strongly suggest getting these recipes. Stocking up is more risky, but with the experience and likely large raw gold boost for turning these in we can expect the items to sell really quickly.

Profession specializations are getting updated

Professions can be leveled up to level 300, and we get access to specializations. Blizzard has also said that we will be getting access to new quests and recipes from specializations, possibly even with upgraded bonuses like the extra proc chance from potion specialization. It will be very interesting to see what this means for gold, but I expect the best goldmaker to rely on these changes as any wrench thrown into the gears from new stuff will create new possibilities!

What should you do?

Get leveling materials

Most players will want to level their professions early. The price has likely already spiked up as players buy them, but it should hopefully go down a bit again. Either way you want to have materials ready so you can get into new recipes as soon as possible. As always the big money is in getting into markets early.

Get your alts ready

You also want to have profession alts for every profession ready to go. You should take advantage of the experience buff while you can, and while there’s nothing going on beyond level 40. Now is the time to set up your professions at 225, personally I recommend getting all of them to 225 and your crafters to 40 if possible so you can get to 300.

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