Planning to play on a fresh server? Here’s my top gold tips!

With wrath classic we will be getting a group of servers starting completely from scratch. Let’s look at what you should be doing if you are planning to play on one of these servers.

No gold, no materials

Obviously these servers will have zero gold and zero materials on day one of the pre-patch when they open. That means that both raw gold generation and material generation will be important, particularly early on.

Gather while leveling

Using gathering professions while leveling will be extremely important. If you want to power level professions once you hit max level you will be competing for materials with all the other players looking to level professions.

Farming early, especially herbs

Farming early will be very profitable, particularly for classic and TBC materials. Pick herbalism/mining and keep them up to date. Both material types will be extremely in demand, for players leveling engineering, jewelcrafting and inscription in particular.

First to market

As always being first to market with hard to get recipes will be important. Some examples include max level bags early, which every player will want. There are other item niches of course, but bags is a big one that everyone needs. Other examples are more likely to be relevant as players finally hit level 80 in Wrath, and will have the same dynamics as non-fresh servers.

Raw gold matters

Maximizing raw gold generation will also matter, as gold will be in slim supply early on. It’s time to pull out all the old tricks. Rogues can macro pick pocket into every ability for “free” gold when fighting humanoids. Minimizing your expenditure and maximizing the gold in flow will help you accelerate past the pack.

Go fast and enjoy the ride

Leveling quickly will be the main differentiator as usual. The higher level you are the more opportunities you can access, and the more gold you get from quests and mobs. The main tip is always to focus on leveling quickly. You can go back and farm more once you hit max.

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