Preparing for Shadowlands: Outlining my launch plans

An expansion launch is a magical time in an MMO, with tons of changes, not least to the economy. So I though I would outline my high level plans for Shadowlands launch. 

Get every profession up to speed

My main goal early on will be to get as many professions going at level 60 as possible. I want to raid casually in Shadowlands, but I also want to level profession alts. I want to get at least 4 characters to max level as soon as humanly possible so I can start unlocking the most relevant recipes. 

As usual the focus will be on any crafted gear useful for getting started, consumables, item enhancements and intermediary crafts that look like they are needed in powerful recipes. 

I don’t know which I will prioritize. I haven’t even decided a main, so we’ll just have to see as we get close to Shadowlands. 

Gathering early?

As most of you know I’m not a farmer. So I will not be doing any gathering early. I did some early gathering in Legion and I was thoroughly underwhelmed. In Legion I went straight for crafting and I made some very nice moves even on the first day with jewelcrafting. 

Gathering is good if you like gathering and want to spend a lot of time doing it. If you don’t then it’s pretty much a complete waste of time. 

Restocking old world markets

This is not something I’m actually going to do at launch, but rather in the last couple of weeks. I want to make sure I have all my panthers, vial of the sands and other old world items I craft. Stockpiling them ahead of time means I won’t run out while I’m going hard in the new markets on all my main characters. 

I will spend the majority of my in game time leveling, doing world quests and crafting, leaving little time left over for old world crafting markets. 

Pay close attention to materials

Materials are usually quite cheap during the first day, as very few players are looking to buy that early. I will pay close attention to materials, and most likely buy up large stocks of materials that are used in the most useful crafting recipes. Obviously we don’t know what this will be yet, but herbs and ore are usually the best candidates. The pattern of cheap day 1 materials has held true in both Legion and BfA. 

Enjoy the new content

This last is the most important one. You have to enjoy a new expansion, There are so many new things to do, quests, zones and items to acquire. Don’t overfocus on goldmaking (unless you really love it). There’s always gold to be made. 

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