Preparing for TBC Classic

The Burning Crusade Classic has been announced of course, and many Classic players are looking ahead. It will bring loads of changes to end-game meta and players are already preparing, so let’s look at some of the trends.

The meta classes will change

In classic warriors were hads and shoulders above literally every other DPS class. That does not hold up in TBC, where the meta DPS classes are Warlocks and hunters. Shamans are also very meta, and most raid comps will have 5 of them. Loads of people are likely preparing characters right now, boosting or leveling their classes. I expect selling items and services to leveling players right now will do really well, particularly for these classes.

Professions give bonuses

In TBC some profession gives bonuses to your character. This includes ring enchants for enchanters, epic gems for jewelcrafters and access to strong crafted weapons for blacksmiths. Leatherworking has drums, which is incredibly strong, but Blizzard has said that they will be changed, so it is unlikely that every serious raider will have to be a leatherworker. Most classes will want some combination of an armor profession like LW or tailoring and enchanting or jewelcrafting.

Sell leveling materials

Some will likely have started leveling their professions on their new mains to max already. You can likely make some gold, particularly buying jewelcrafting materials as many will want to take advantage of this both for goldmaking purposes and the bonus to your player power. It will be interesting to see how profitable jewelcrafting is, but it’s personally always been my favorite profession and may be a reason to play TBC just to make gold with jewelcrafting. If you plan to do goldmaking, getting the materials ready now could be a good idea as demand is likely to only increase.

Farm or flip?

If you want to sell materials for leveling professions both buying them to flip and farming can be an option. Farming is obviously safer, but flipping can also likely work. It will be interesting to see how the eventual gold sinks of flying tie in, but we will likely see more raw gold being generated in TBC zones as well. Overall I expect slight inflation even disregarding the changes. Many people will likely reroll for TBC and demand for leveling materials will be higher than classic as there was less reason to level your professions in classic compared to TBC.

What are your plans?

Got any specific TBC prep plans? I probably won’t be doing much myself, as I’m too lazy, but if you have any crazy schems or good ideas share them!

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