Profession knowledge is the key to Dragonflight Profits!

There are two big limiting factors in Dragonflight professions, number one is profession knowledge, to unlock the talent tree, which we will look at today.

Knowledge, the profit generator

Knowledge is essentially the talent points for professions. More knowledge will unlock both a higher crafting skill to craft a higher quality version of a given item, as well as unlocking new powerful recipes. Most of the information on knowledge gains in this post is sourced from Manthieus’ video on the subject.

Acquiring knowledge

You can acquire knowledge from two general types of sources, you have sources that yield knowledge once, and sources that you can repeat. The repeatable sources seem to all currently be on either a weekly or biweekly rotation. I’ve not done enough testing to know, but Manthieus is assuming they are biweekly.

One-time sources

The one-time sources you can get is first and foremost from crafting. The first time you craft a recipe you get 1 knowledge. Then there are some one-time treasures, some quests in the Ohn’ahran plains and an NPC that sells Knowledge for Artisan’s Mettle at an increasing cost.


The repeatable sources of knowledge is from the Dragon Shard of Knowledge, that you can get 3 of per week from a bunch of different sources, they can be turned in for knowledge. Then you have the weekly or biweekly profession quest, and the biweekly quest for filling work orders. Lastly Scribes can craft a treatise that will grant you knowledge. This is on a weekly cooldown, which resets alongside raids.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power to an extreme degree with how professions are looking in Dragonflight. If you want to make gold you HAVE to min-max knowledge, particularly early on. With most of the repeatable stuff being either weekly or biweekly gated it is imperative to do all of it the first week, so you don’t fall behind.

The gains

You can gain 15-20 knowledge per week according to Manthieus’ testing. I’ve been too busy with wrath to test personally, but this seems about where I expected. One-time sources will also give a ton of knowledge, particularly the crafts. For Inscription there’s more than 100 recipes in the game, and while a lot of them require knowledge to unlock, grinding one of each out early will be crucial. It can get you to multiple extra epic recipes, or get higher skill in a single one.

Knowledge requirements

To get at the epic recipes, which is where I expect a lot of early profit to come you typically need 20-30 knowledge to unlock your first recipe, and then 10-20 for each additional one after that. If you want to max out the skill for a single recipe you are looking at around 130+ knowledge.

As such it is clear that being 15-20 knowledge behind the max potential will limit your gold potential. Your competition will either have more recipes, or better quality items, both of which you can’t compete with.

Prioritize repeatables

The absolute main thing you need to make sure for launch week is to not miss any repeatables on your crafter’s. You will want to level characters to whatever level they need to be to start doing the profession quests. The one-time sources are also important, particularly crafting and you will want to invest gold into leveling professions and cranking out every recipe you unlock. This will also give you a lot of artisan’s mettle which is very important.

Presumably the Dragon knowledge shard is from max level content, so if you can get there you should, but that’s a smaller portion and if you have many crafter’s you can afford to miss out on that week 1. Down the line it will absolutely move the needle, and within a couple of weeks it will have stacked to a significant disadvantage.

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  1. Hello! Do you have a value you for the Artisan’s Mettle you are hardcoding into TSM for now since it’s so gated? Trying to determine customized crafting cost on items using the mettle. Thanks!

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