Retail: goldmaking in the pre-patch

With the pre-patch i have gone back into active goldmaking mode on my new main realm in retail. I’ve already gotten some OK results starting with fairly little, so today I’ll give a quick recap of what I’ve done and what I’ll focus on.

Starting point: 1 million

I transfered over to my new realm with one pre-existing 120 character and about 1 million. I transfered my warlock which is an alchemist and engineer. I have the Vial of the Sands recipe, as well as most of the engineering mounts, so that would give me a leg up. In addition to my warlock I have boosted a rogue on my second account and a death knight on my main account for a total of 3 level 50s currently. I also have one DK on each account, both of which were made before the squish so they are level 43.

Pre-patch general trends

A Pre-patch is typically a time where many players return to the game. A new expansion is on the horizon, with hype and cool changes. Players come back, swap mains and start looking ahead. Many will also level alts as they will often be finished with their max level goals for the current expansion.

What are people buying?

Generally players will be buying loads of bags, catch up gear and cosmetics. Some of these trends are even stronger this time around. With class revamps and revamped leveling alt leveling is at an all time high. I went to Wrath with the timewalking leveling and the zones are brimming with people.

With the nerf to Relic 5 gear the main catch up gear that should sell will be Uncanny gear. Deep sea and embroidered Deep sea bags as well as crafted mounts and various other items should all sell well. In addition to this the Highborne Compendium of Storms has been a huge hit as it is one of the strongest caster trinkets in the game currently.

What have I done?

I’ve focused on uncanny gear from blacksmithing, tailoring and inscription. Highborne Compendiums sold extremely well, and I moved 3 at 10k each which was nice. Outside of that I sell a lot of crafted mounts (where I had a lot of in demand recipes already) alongside uncanny gear. I have spent so much more time at the scrapper than I was hoping at this point in the expansion. Sadly the market is still fantastic.

I’ve also started looking ahead to SL with glider kits as the zones make this item a very useful addition.


I have made 431k gold in sales since I transfered over on Wednesday 1.5 weeks ago. I’ve spent more gold than that though, particularly on leveling professions and materials and goods i have not yet finished. I’m currently sitting at about 800k, so that’s a 200k loss. have about half a million on the AH however, so things should move upwards fairly quickly.

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