Shadowlands Goldmaking: Engineering gold guide

It’s time to take a look at the crafting profession I have not yet written about at all: Engineering.


Engineers get access to a decent variety of recipes, sadly almost all of them are only usable by other engineers, and very few of them are relevant for max level characters.

The good ones

There are four recipes that have some goldmaking potential, with the rest of them being relatively useless.

The three recipes with some potential are:

Optical Target Embiggener, which is the best multi target enchant for hunters

Wormholde Generator: Shadowlands, which is an extremely useful utility item for traveling around

Pha7-YNX which is a crafted battle pet.

Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator: Consumable item that gives access to Battle res

Optical Target Embiggener

This is essentially an enchant for ranged weapons. Post in stacks of 1 and repost often, particularly on reset days. Particularly avid players may swap back and forth between M+ and raids here. The sale rate is relatively high, but the price is not. This recipe is learned from the vendor and crafted to level engineering, so it may still be selling for a loss on many realms.

Wormhole Generator

This is the only thing I have personally made gold with from engineering. The recipe requires Honored with Undying army. The item will allow you to port to any zone in the Shadowlands on a 15 minute cooldown. This is incredibly useful and many players will want this to save time. It only requires level 1 engineering, so many players just get engineering and buy it as the cost to level to craft for themselves is higher than just buying it off the AH.


Pha7-ynx is a battle pet. The recipe requires you to be exalted with the ascended. If you have grinded the rep you should be able to sell it for a relatively strong profit margin as few people will have done so. It is a battle pet though, so don’t expect any spectacular sale rates.

Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator

The reanimator gives access to a battle res which is incredibly useful for classes without one, particularly in m+. As it is consumed on use the sales volume should be decent.

TSM settings

For all of these items we will post them at 120% crafting cost minimum as usual. I would suggest posting 1 at the time for all of them, with a possible exception for the reanimator where it could make sense to post more than one at the time.

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