Shadowlands Goldmaking: Flipping island expedition Transmog

Island Expeditions were one of the main features of BfA. They were the source of a huge amount of transmog items, which includes re-colors of other raid sets. These look very cool, and supply has dried up.

What kind of items are we takling about?

Island Expeditions drops a variety of uncommon items that primarily have value as transmog. The items are recolors of BfA raid skins with unique tints, and there are tons of cool weapons as well.

Buying before the expansion

I started buying these at the end of BfA. I mentioned them in my post about what you could invest in. Of course I turned out to be completely wrong about what the best items were as the expedition gear has outperformed mounts significantly for me personally.

You can still flip them though

Even if you did not buy them during BfA when they were cheap you can still flip these quite successfully. Below you’ll see two screenshots, the big one is from one of the realms where I have been flipping these since the end of BfA, obviously the profits are strongest here. But even on a realm I just started about a month ago I have made some very nice sales. You can still find great deals.

Supply will go up

Right now you have to queue as three to get into an island expedition. You can presumably get matched eventually by queueing alone, but the number of people doing it is obviously extremely low. Blizzard did announce that they are planning to let you solo queue for Island expeditions at some point in the future though. When that happens the supply will go up.

Should you invest?

It’s hard to say, as we do not have a time frame on when they will add the solo queue option. Personally I am not too afraid, as I believe the price on many items can trend upwards. You are definitely looking for items where you can reset, or semi-reset the price by buying up a couple. There’s pretty much no new supply coming in at the moment, so the price can still move upwards on many realms.

Prioritize the value slots

Prioritize the slots with most value for transmog. This includes shoulders, chests and weapons. They are by far the most prominent ones, so if capital is limiting you then I suggest prioritizing these over things like bracers.

TSM settings

My TSM settings include several world drop items as well. The group has a ton of items so a scan will be quite slow. You should not blindly buy everything below the maximum price. Look at the region market value, as well as the amount of items on your AH. The screenshots below show a great buy. The second cheapoest is 7.5k more than the cheapest, and it is also well below the region market value. If you like risk you could buy them all of course.

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