Shadowlands Goldmaking: Making gold with enchanting

Enchanting is one of the staple goldmaking professions that everyone has a clear relation too. Crafting enchants that are needed for end-game progression and replaced when you get an upgrade means you never run out of customers!

Enchanting in Shadowlands

The biggest change in Shadowlands is a slight increase in the number of slots that can take an enchant compared to BfA and Legion. In Shadowlands you can enchant your weapon, chest, cape, rings and one of the off-armor slots. The increased number of slots means you can sell a significantly larger number of total enchants.

The enchanting shuffle

To generate materials for enchanting you can always turn to the enchanting shuffle. Personally I prefer buying my materials outright, as otherwise I end up spending way too much time making materials, and not enough making the finished items.

Profitability is coming

At the beginning of Shadowlands Enchanting was a bottleneck for base legendaries and players rushed to max skill and dumped their stock for significantly less than materials sold for. Since then material prices have come down significantly and many enchants are now showing profits.

BiS is king!

You always want to focus primarily on the best enchants available. The top ones are the Tenet enchants for rings, eternal off-armor enchants, Eternal Stats on chest, Celestial Guidance and Sinful revelation for weapons and all of the fortified enchants for cloaks.

The lower stat enchants will generally not be worth your time.

Enchanted materials

If you make it to max skill you can also consider selling the enchanted materials to players engaging in Base legendary crafting. This can be quite lucrative, but it’s very server dependent.

Reset day is the big day

Reset days with the loot chest, world bosses and raid re-clears is by far the most important day of the week for enchanting. You want to repost as much as possible to take advantage of the sale rate. Often as much as 60% or more of your sales will come on the reset day.

TSM Settings

The TSM setup includes a crafting operation and auctioning operation. The operation will craft a stack of each enchant, but only post one at the time. You usually either get the sale right away or you will have to repost, so having a stack to work through is generally quite useful.

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