Shadowlands Goldmaking: Take advantage of where the hype is

The week that has gone by has been an interesting one in Shadowlands, and gold has been flowing.

New recipes galore

This week we all got access to the Vestige of Origins recipe, and many of you will, like me also have unlocked the Crafter’s mark 3 and Crafter’s Mark of the Chained Isle recipes.

I assume many of you like me got all of these recipes this week and are looking to take advantage of them.

Legendaries have been hyped

Ovciously legendaries have recieved by far the most attention from content creators, including myself. Now personally I did not expect big legendary demand this week, and I only crafted a small number of rank 5 and 6 legendaries. While it’s certainly possible to get sales at astronomical prices right now, true demand won’t happen until players can actually craft R5 or R6 legendaries at the runecarver.

Ilvl 230 gear is hyper-relevant

Item level 230 gear from Crafter’s mark of the Chained Isle is super-relevant for most mains right now. Mythic raiders will be coming into 9.1 with many 226, and a few 233 pieces. In most slots this will be a clear upgrade, and it can shore up any slots you get unlucky on when it comes to drops.

Demand is king

I prefer markets where I can craft and then spend little time reposting. So for me focusing on high demand markets is king. Right now demand is massive for chained Isle gear. I’m selling the items as fast as I can post and craft them, which I prefer over legendaries where you have to consistently cancel scan (at least for rank 5 and 6).

For legendaries I’ve had great success with rank 4s as demand for those is actually really strong as it is the highest you can go without soul cinders, and you can farm infinite soul ash right now. In addition to all this many players want to or need to re-craft legendaries for new slots.

No hype from goldmakers, mean more sales

with rank 4 and chained isle gear experiencing significantly less hype than rank 5 and 6 legendaries these markets have been relatively underestimated throughout the first portion of 9.1. This will likely continue, especially when rank 5 and 6 legendaries start selling fast when players can craft them at the runecarver.

Looking ahead

I do not believe that rank 5 sale rate will be too high. You can get rank 5 this week, but you get rank 6 the week after. One week of rank 5 is not worth the 40 korthite crystals unless you are very hardcore or very rich. I suspect many players will skip rank 5 for these reasons. OF course more players will buy than rank 5 right now, but I expect the first week of rank 6 will be significantly wilder than the first week of rank 5. Either way I expect legendaries to do extremely well once demand picks up and I will be focusing more on that market when it happens. For right now I’ll continue selling chained isle gear for up to 30k a pop.

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