Shadowlands goldmaking: Uncommon crafted gear

I recently dipped my toes into a new Shadowlands market, which has worked relatively well so far, crafted uncommon weapons and armor.

Useful for leveling

Almost all the crafting professions can create gear with required level from 50 to 57 and item level between 50 and 57. This gear can also be modified with crafter’s marks to turn them into ilvl 87 level 50 gear or ilvl 117 level 55 gear. Both variants can be very useful while leveling, in particular the ilvl 87 variant for players just getting into shadowlands, usually wearing ilvl 50ish gear from whatever old expansion they leveled in.

A little for everyone

Almost every profession has access to some items in this category, even engineering, enchanting and inscription get their items. I’ve had sales with the inscription items on my NA zero to hero series on youtube. I’ve also tested out the blacksmithing and jewelcrafting items on my main realms.

Downgrade to 50 or upgrade to 55

You want to downgrade any items that are higher required level than 50 to 50 with the novice crafter’s mark. I would also suggest making some crafter’s mark 1 variants at ilvl 117. I’ve found that the required level 50 items sell a LOT faster than the 55 gear, as it fills a more obvious niche.

Profit margins are high, but prices are low

This market will not make you rich, the prices are just too low for that, the profit margins can be as high as 30-40 times the crafting cost, which is incredible though. It also requires you to bandy about an absolute ton of items, so a dedicated banker is adviseable.

Getting started

I won’t include full groups for every profession here, but I do have a group with some basic settings to sell the items. For the crafter’s mark 1 gear I have just added a token hard coded gold sum, in most cases the profit margin will be so high that the minimum price will not matter, but if there is competition then you will want to make a custom price source for the crafter’s mark you use. You can check out my post on crafter’s mark 2 to see how those custom sources are made and  make a similar one for novice marks or marks 1.

Start slowly

Start with a smaller quantity of items. I started with 2 of each recipe for both the crafter’s mark 1 and Novice crafter’s marks for Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. Scale as high as you want based on sales and what else you can spend your time on. I’ve generated about 25k this week with just a single crafting session and extremely lax reposting, so this is a great market for players starting out to quickly get an infusion of gold.


Good luck!

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