Shadowlands markets will start drying up, time to prepare for the future!

We are now past the peak demand we will ever see for end-game shadowlands markets. There will still be a lot of profit to make, but from this point it will be trending downwards for the most part.

Work them while they work

Obviously all of the usual suspects as far as end-game markets will be profitable for months to come. Catch up gear, consumables and legendaries are still useful, and there are many players missing rank 7s or that may want to gear an alt or an offspec at some point in the future. Some markets even stay profitable all the way up until the final week or so of an expansion, with catch up gear being a very obvious example of this.

So there’s no point in leaving any of the relevant popular Shadowlands markets yet, but as the profit keeps falling you get closer and closer to the point where it does make sense to focus on other things.

Gold per hour evens out

What will typically happen eventually is that the gold per hour of all Shadowlands farms will fall to the same-ish rate as any old expansion farms. With demand not strong enough to support excessive profits there’s only one way for prices to go. There’s no such strict rule for crafting, but in general players will spend a larger proportion of their gold on cosmetics and relatively speaking less on power increasing items.

Branch out

This is the time where you want to setup for the long term. You can do this in a lot of different ways, but the main focus will be on various cosmetic items. Things you can do include farming hard to get recipes, setting up alts for Sky golem cooldowns, setting up to flip battle pets or anything else you can think of. Most old armor and mounts hold some value in the future, even if the sale rate for cosmetics always is lower than current expansion power increasing items.

Catch up is king

When it comes to Shadowlands markets catch up gear has historically been one of the best late patch and late expansion markets. Setting up crafters for Crafter’s mark of the first ones with optimal profession combinations down the line can be very profitable. This was the case with the Chained Isle marks of 9.1 so pay attention to prices on the marks to see if any of the professions end up standing out.

Mage tower

The mage tower is back forever now, which means that we should see demand for specialized gear and consumables go up. Wowhead has guides both for gearing and consumables, and i have written about this market in the past. Profits are very high right now, so get in. I expect profits to trend downwards, but the items suggested in mage tower guides are now relevant as power increasing items forever, which means we should see some decent demand and relevant profit for the foreseeable future.

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