Shadowlands Profession previews: Cooking

With all of the primary profession previews out of the way it’s time to look at the final crafting profession in the game, Cooking. As it is a secondary profession you should always have it available!

Recipe types

This overview is less interesting for cooking as the only thing you can craft is various consumable foods. The main variants are stat increasing foods and more utility oriented buff foods and Shadowlands is no difference.


Feasts give multiple players the chance to get a main stat buff. In Shadowlands there are two feasts, giving 20 or 18 stats respectively. The highest level feast requries revered with the Court of Harvesters, and if you prioritize this early you can make a decent chunk. The lower level one is trainer trained and thus does not have too much of a barrier to entry.

Soul Food

Soul foods are buff foods with various utility style buffs. There’s a speed buff, a fire belching damage buff and an out of combat healing buff. In addition Quiethounds makes you look spooky. All of these are trained from the profession trainer. I expect the speed food will sell well as this is very useful for farming. The others could be good, but they are less certain.

Large and light meals

Lastly we have the normal secondary stat buff foods. These come in two levels, with the higher level giving +30 and the lower level giving +18 secondary stats. There’s also a stamina buff food at each level as well as a pure regen food. We’ll see if those variants sell, but the secondary stat food should sell well.

All the recipes are yet again learned from your trainer. It looks like the Large meals require exactly twice the amount of materials as the light meals. That being said players almost always favor the BiS options so I doubt the light meals will sell much.

Overall Outlook

Cooking looks the same as always. There are no pesky BoP materials so mass crafting is on the menu. Consumables with end-game relevance, like buff foods, always sell well. Definitely get cooking and focus on Court of Harvesters rep to maximize the gold potential!

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