Shadowlands profession previews: Enchanting

Today we will take a look at another goldmaking favorite in enchanting. This profession usually has great opportunities for both new goldmakers through the shuffle and high end crafting with BiS enchants.

Disenchanting and materials

BilisOnyxia has already done a large amount of testing on the beta on disenchanting. One interesting new addition in SL is the ability to convert materials both ways, you can turn crystals into shards into dust and the other way around at the same ratio. This means that there will be a formula for simply relating the value of materials to whichever the cheapest method is for generating them.

Simply put a rare item is about 2.5 times as valuable as an uncommon item. A Epic Item is about 2 times as valuable as the rare item. I’ll take a deeper look at potential enchanting shuffles in another post with candidate recipes, as we will focus more on the crafted enchants in the rest of this post.


This is as usual the core of the enchanting profession. In Shadowlands we get enchants for a much larger number of slots than in BfA, but some of them are essentially class or spec specific. For Boots bracers and Gloves there is one mainstat variant for each, whereas for cloaks, chests, rings and weapons there is something for everyone.

Stat specifics

For Boots, gloves and bracers there are completely similar enchants. Boots get agility, bracers can get intellect and gloves will get strength. There are two levels of enchants, with the cheapest one just requiring X and the top one requiring Y. These should be good. I expect Agility and intellect will sell slightly better than strength as that is typically the case, but we’ll see how it turns out. The best ones require 1 Eternal Crystal and 2 Sacred Shards, which is equivalent to 15 Soul Dust

Chest enhants

Chest enchants come with stats and various cool extra effects like a damage proc. I expect players quickly will math out what the optimal choices are. These require an Eternal Crystal and two Sacred Shards, which is the equivalent of 15 Soul Dust. There’s also a lower level +20 to all stats recipe that just costs 4 Soul Dust.

Cloak Enchants

The cloak enchants are interesting offering you 30 stamina or 20 stamina and one of the secondary stats. The 30 stamina one is cheapest at 4 Soul dust, where the secondary stat ones require two sacred shards and 4 dust for a dust cost of 10 Soul Dust.

Ring Enchants

Ring enchants work exactly as in BfA. they add secondary stats and there are two tiers. The highest tier one requires 3 sacred shards, which of course is equivalent to 9 Soul Dust.

Weapon enchants

Weapon enchants in Shadowlands offer various proc effects. They are the most expensive enchants in Shadowlands requireing 1 Eternal Crystal and 4 Sacred Shards. This is equivalent to 21 Soul Dust.

Celestial Guidance is a lower level weapon enchant for strength users that just costs two sacred shards and 5 Soul dust.


Enchanters get to craft a single wand. The base item is uncommon and requires level 50. it can be upgraded with a crafter’s mark to increase the Ilvl, but you cannot chose the secondary stats. We’ll see how it ends up comparing to other caster weapons, but it could be a good option when you unlock crafter’s mark rank 2.

Intermediate materials

The intermediate enchanting materials will be extremely potent. These are needed for the base items for Legendary and will be highly sought after. You need a lot of them and Soul Dust will be in high demand early on. The enchanted Elethium Bar recipe comes from the Avowed reputation vendor, but it only costs 50 sinstone fragments, which is very easy to farm. At present there is no rep requirement.

Overall outlook

Enchants get access to more recipes than the past expansions. With rings, chests, weapons and gloves boots or bracers there are many opportunities for goldmaking. All of the recipes are learned at the trainer, so expect high competition. With the ability to perfectly convert materials there should not be any bottlenecks and higher tier items for disenchanting may be better than ever before.

Intermediate materials should also do incredibly well, particularly early on as they are a major bottleneck for legendaries. You will want to get an enchanter going ASAP for those.

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5 thoughts on “Shadowlands profession previews: Enchanting

    1. I assume there are some in Alchemy, but I have not had access to enough materials to level any of them to max to test.

  1. Do you think that a Enchanter/Inscription would be nice to start? I have only 100k, so there’s not much gold to invest.

    1. Yes, that’s often a good combo, add a level 50 tailor for access to cheap tailoring gear to disenchant and you may be able to make a lot of gold even without a large capital base.

      1. Thanks for your answer, and I forgot to give congratulations on the guide! I can’t decide between these 3 combos: Herb + Insc / Insc + Ench / Tailor + Ench. I’m working so much lately, I have only like 40 min avaliable to farm everyday, and not so much time to keep up with alts. Trying to decice what it’s best for me, but I’m a huge noob in the goldmaking game! haha

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