Shadowlands profession previews: Jewelcrafting

It’s time to take a look at the last proper crafting profession in my series of crafting profession previews.

Prospecting mechanics

There are 6 different ores we can prospect in Shadowlands. When prospecting you can get three different gems: Red, blue and yellow. In addition you can get various essences that have a higher chance from some drops than others.


I’ve done what prospecting I can on beta, which you can see in the table below. It’s pretty clear we don’t have enough data to make any meaningful conclusions. it does look the rate is fairly similar for all the uncommon ores in terms of gems. The essence rate from Laestrite will be important to figure out, as will Elethium ore rates.


The list of craftables is below. As usual jewelcrafters get to craft gems. In addition there is optional reagents, necks and rings and the base item for legendary rings and necklaces. Lastly there is a cosmetic hat.


This time around you do not actually cut gems. With just three base gem colors that would be hard. The various jewel clusters and doublets take several gems, either of one color or a combination and a setting to create a socketable gem. The rare gems currently require 4 gems. According to my data this is on average about 13 ores.

Optional reagents

Jewelcrafters only get to craft crafter’s marks in terms of optional reagents. As usual the crafter’s mark rank 2 is locked behind revered with the Avowed reputation.

Necklaces and rings

For the gear crafting jewelcrafters get access to both rings and necklaces in both uncommon and rare variants. There are four base items for each variant that correspond to having one specific main stat. For the uncommon items you can only add crafter’s marks to set the item level. For the rare items you can also use a missive to set the second secondary stat type.

With crafter’s mark rank 2 it may be more economical to focus on the uncommon base item as the cost is a lower.

Legendary base items

Jewelcrafters get to craft the base item for legendary necklaces and rings. These recipes require the various essences you get from prospecting. Rings and necklaces require different essences, so depending on the farming rate there may be a significant different in price. In addition to this there will likely be differences in demand as players sim out the optimal slots to put their legendaries. Legendary powers are limited to certain slots, so every base item should sell.

Cosmetic Hat

Lastly Jewelcrafters get to craft a crown. This one comes from Cloudwalker’s coffer in Bastion. It looks quite goofy, but it could be a decent seller. It should not compare to the crafted gems, gear and legendary base items.

Overall outlook

Jewelcrafting looks fairly good. This time around everyone will eventually have sockets on every gear piece, right from patch 9.0. I expect gems should sell, as should the crafted gear and the legendary base items. The crafted gear will quickly rely on crafter’s mark 2 however, so you will have to level to max to really take advantage of those items. It looks like the overall value of a level 50 crafter is pretty high though, so don’t be afraid of diving in to do legendary base items and prospecting.

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