Shadowlands Total Gold Guide part Three: Flipping

In the final part of the total gold guide we will focus on the last major goldmaking method, flipping.

Flipping basics

Flipping is the act of buying items cheaply and then selling them for a higher price. You can do this with both high volume items like materials and lower volume items like BoE gear.

BoE Flipping

BoE gear flipping has been an incredible way to earn gold in BfA and Legion. Sadly the Shadowlands gearing system means that the potential for BoE flipping in SL is a lot lower. There’s very little variation in gear, so most players will price their items correctly. There is some potential with 190 weapons, as well as the 207 ilvl world drops, particularly if players underprice an item with a socket.

Consumable flipping

Consumable flipping is something that is also typically very profitable. In Shadowlands there are opportunities in all of the crafted consumables. The basic idea is to reset on reset days when players are desperate to reload before raid. Flasks, potions, feasts and Vantus rune can all work well. In addition the Augment runes you get from the adventure table are a great option for flipping.

Material flipping

Material flipping will work the same way as consumables. You take advantage of the weekly variation in demand around the weekly reset. Materials are usually cheapest during the weekend. In Shadowlands there is weekly variation in a lot more items than previously, as even armor crafting materials see the same kind of variation due to the weekly reset of soul ash farming, so the vast majority of legendaries get crafted on the weekly reset day.

Short term patch opportunities

Patches generally represent great opportunities for flipping. Consumables and materials often rise significantly the week leading up to a patch as players buy it up to prepare for increased demand with a new raid tier and new recipes. It’s impossible to tell what the best options will be here, but both 9.1 and 9.2 will likely contain many opportunities.

Overall thoughts

Shadowlands items are generally not the most fantastic flipping opportunities. Most of them require a good bit of baby-sitting if you want to really extract value from them. BoEs are a far cry from their glory days. I’ve personally had more success flipping old world cosmetics and materials, but there are always opportunities in current expansion items and I’m sure i’ve missed some.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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2 thoughts on “Shadowlands Total Gold Guide part Three: Flipping

  1. Hello Lazy Gold Maker!

    Thanks for your guides! They are very helpful.

    I’ve been having issues posting BOEs, it looks like most of them are ignoring anything in my minimum operation and constantly posting at normal or absurdly high prices.

    I’ve even set my minimum to 10%vendorsell, switched to ignore variation, switched it off.

    Did I miss some other setting.

    This is on TSM 4.10

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hard to pinpoint the issue without any specifics on exactly what items they are and the exact operation, generally it will post at the same price as the current market as long as your settings are not out of whack.

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