Shuffling is looking juicy! Dragonflight Enchanting gold guide

The old goldmaking stalwart enchanting is not seeing any massive changes in Dragonflight. The selection of items is very similar to Shadowlands, but the profession tree does add some new kinks and details. 

Recipe types

The main recipes we get as enchanters are just different enchants. We are up to quite a few slots in Dragonflight which is great for the prospective enchanter. Overall the power-level seems on the moderate side, but getting the most stats you can out of enchants will still be great. In addition to the enchants there are some cosmetic illusions, as well as profession tools and a wand.

The main goldmaking potential will clearly be in the enchants this time around, which means being first to market is paramount.


The enchants in dragonflight vary a bit. Bracers, cloaks and boots are more utility oriented, with the tertiary stats, mounted movement speed and other effects in this category. Speed will likely be very good for speed sets for old dungeon farming. Outside of that I expect the more throughput focused enchants will see higher demand. That means Rings, chests and weapons.


There’s only really one relevant gear recipe, with the epic wand. Like the other gear crafters these can be infused up to mythic ilvl and could be useful for casters. There’s only one weapon though, and getting it to q5 requires specialization points away from enchants.

Knowledge break points

The most striking thing from the knowledge breakpoints is how much knowledge you need for q5 enchants. In fact from what I’m seeing you can’t reach quality 5 guaranteed for weapons at all. So you can only pick one weapon enchant to focus on, and guaranteeing quality 5 for that one will require 175 knowledge. As such I expect inspiration to be quite valuable as a crafting stat for enchanters to rely on procs for early q5.

Optimal knowledge points strategy

For enchanting the big choice is between weapon enchant and the other enchants early on. You will always put points in the enchantment tree first, then Rods, Runes and Ruses and finally Insight of the Blue. If you want to disenchant, then it’s Insight of the Blue all the way, and you won’t need as much knowledge.

It might be possible to get a build where you reach q5 for enchants through inspiration relatively early, and since you can sell these on the AH relying on mass crafting for procs is actually possible. Inspiration stacking will absolutely be the fastest way to get these to market, the question is just what the absolute lowest break point possible is.

I was able to get to q5 on inspiration procs with 90 knowledge, and it may be possible to optimize the build even further.


There’s also a possible pure disenchanting build. Here you’ll go straight to insight of the Blue. It only requires 50 points to maximize the potential of disenchanting, making it relatively good on alts that you don’t plan to play much, but want to use for some disenchanting sessions. 

Notable recipes

Below is a list of the recipes that most excite me, alongside some quick notes on how you would go about profiting from them, as well as their source. Enchanters have a lot of reputation recipes, and very few tradeable ones. Luckily most of the rewards come fairly early, at renown 9 so it’s not too bad.

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