Spreadsheet and blog updates!

I haven’t been to active on the spreadsheet front lately and that changes today. This weekend I worked on adding a bit of functionality to my main JC/enchanting spreadsheet. I still want to get a better version in Google Sheets, but I will likely have to learn the scripting language to be able to use the same API call as in my Excel-version. I have also been working with a couple of readers to try to get a working version for Excel on IOS. If you are on IOS and have Office available and want to help me test it, please contact me through any available channel (email: bunnycuddle@thelazygoldmaker.com, twitter, discord, or comments).

E-mail list

As some of you may have noticed my blog now sports a shiny signup form for my e-mail list. If you want my blog posts delivered straight to your inbox when they are posted please subscribe! I will likely also use the list for sneak-peek/beta versions of my spreadsheets and to ask your feedback. I am obviously committed to not sharing your e-mail with any third party or spamming you with useless information.

Spreadsheet link

I have also decided to have the box.com-hosted version be the main one, The new permanent link is https://app.box.com/v/Lazy-Goldmakers-Legion-Spreads . You can also always find the newest version of my spreadsheet on www.thelazygoldmaker.com/spreadsheet.

My ambition is to keep adding professions to the spreadsheet until it covers all of them for Legion. I started on Leatherworking before Christmas and will hopefully be able to finish implementing it by this weekend, so stay tuned for that.

Patch 7.1.5 enchants

I finally added the 7.1.5 enchants. I haven’t had time to test the obliterum yields, so at current point in time the obliterum profit will not be calculated, but crafting cost and profit can be calculated for all recipe levels. Just check out the bottom of the enchanting worksheet and you will find them.

Blood of Sargeras valuation

My spreadsheet now supports automatic calculation of Blood of Sargeras value based on the Blood Trader. The “How To” worksheet now includes two new option marked in yellow in the screenshot below. The”Set Blood of Sargeras to trader value”-option can be set to Yes or No. Set it to Yes if you want to use the best trader value as the price of one blood automatically. If you set it to No, you can use the cell below to set the value of Blood of Sargeras to your preferred value.  As you can see from the screenshot I have also removed the refresh button, the Get data button now automatically deletes the pricing data and re-downloads it from TSM, so the refresh button is redundant (and also lead to some errors).

The “Blood of Sargeras”-worksheet, as shown below, shows the calculation and the best use of your Bloods at the Trader.

Thanks for your feedback!

Lastly I would like to thank all of the people who have reached out to me on Discord lately to thank me for my content. I love that I have been able to help you make gold! Hearing your success-stories is amazing! Don’t be afraid to give me suggestions or come with questions you want answered either. I want to provide the biggest value I can to you guys! So keep the feedback coming whether it is praise or criticism or suggestions.

As always you can find me on Twitter, Discord, in the comments or through e-mail (bunnycuddle@thelazygoldmaker.com).

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    1. This post is quite old and the spreadsheet is the old legion sheet. It should still be on the same link, I’ll check it out.

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