Spreadsheet updated: Blacksmithing added

I just finished adding blacksmithing to my spreadsheet! The new version is live now and can be found at

The blacksmithing sheet looks exactly like the sheets for Tailoring and Leatherworking. For Blacksmithing it is generally never relevant to craft stuff to disenchant or obliterate as ore is generally much more expensive than leather or cloth. You can use my sheet to easily figure out if your level of recipe for the 835 demonsteel items will generate a profit. My experience with 835 gear from leatherworking and tailoring is that they sell well and that I can get a profit at rank 2 and this seems to hold for blacksmithing as well.

Adding inscription

For the last profession I really need to get some feedback from you guys.

Inscription has very few hard decisions that cannot easily be done via TSM in-game. The items you can sell for gold in Legion are the new glyphs, Tome of the Tranquil Mind and the Darkmoon Decks. I think a substantial part of the profit you can make from inscription is from milling your own herbs and crafting the glyphs, the tomes and the darkmoon cards.

My plan is to implement a robust check for milling profitability and then implement the darkmoon card recipe some way. I will likely have to do some math to get a model that takes dead crafted cards into account as you will not be able to sell all of your cards in a reasonable time frame. For glyphs and tomes I don’t really think that a spreadsheet will add much, but it can easily check the various material sources.
Please let me know if you have any input on what you would want covered in an inscription spreadsheet.


One thought on “Spreadsheet updated: Blacksmithing added

  1. Inscription for DMF and Tomes would be great. And yes.. with the milling prices and profits, you can make an elaborated guess on which is best.. keep the good work!

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